Starting a food business in India? It is safe to assume that it is no easy task to set up a food and beverage venture from  scratch. It requires a lot of careful consideration as well as authenticity requirements such as compliance with regulations as like obtaining FSSAI license. With this article, we hope to provide 20 food business ideas with low investments that can help skyrocket your venture and keep a healthy, loyal and returning customer base.
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Food Business ideas with low investments

  1. Restaurant/Cafe/Coffee Shop – The classic food business venture, restaurants, and cafes are one of the safest options for any F&B(food and beverage) startup. IT requires intensive and meticulous planning, location and other logistics of suppliers hiring high-quality professional chefs etc. However, once these are set up, restaurants can earn a lot with no/minimal inputs apart from daily maintenance.
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  2. Bakery– Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good cake/pastry. Setting up a bakery can be a very advantageous model if carefully executed. Bakeries can also opt to deliver baked goods via online orders through social media or through your online portal which requires very little investment. High returns with little to no investments besides the cost of setting up shop.
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  3. Catering– If, as an F&B business you feel you’re managerial as well as people skills are good enough you can opt to provide a wide range of catering service which can help land high returns on almost every clientele acquired. Catering also improves overall business connections of the venture in terms of exposure.
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  4. Chocolate Production- There are very few people who do not like chocolate. Hence, a very viable and successful business idea could be to produce chocolate and chocolate products and selling them to bigger aggregators such as high-end bakeries or restaurants. Requires minimal investment and can also be started at home.
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  5. Food Trucks- Food trucks have been gaining popularity in India. This mobile business model not only requires very little investment of a vehicle and raw materials. Can be used to cover large areas within the city to gain more traction and popularity.
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  6. Cooking Classes– Think you’re an expert chef as well as an expert teacher? You should consider going for setting up cooking classes and empower eager students with the finest of culinary cooking skills. Requires only rental of a proper kitchen and raw materials.
  7. Ice Cream Shop-  I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream. Everybody loves ice-cream and that brain-freeze you get when you have too much too quickly. Setting up an ice-cream shop is a very viable option because it always attracts customers from all over the city and at almost any time of the day or night.
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  8. Juice Shop/Milkshakes- Juices and milkshakes are always a part of a staple diet in the morning and also during the harsh summer heatwave. With a carefully selected location and high-quality organic juices, a juice shop can do extremely well in terms of income generation with very little investment i.e. buying ingredients for juice like fruits and milk for shakes.
  9. Farsaan /Namkeen Shop- It is very tedious for people to make farsaan/namkeens at home. Sometimes, people just require a shop to quickly purchase their favorite namkeen or farsaan for festivities or for hosting guests at home. Setting up a farsaan namkeen shop will help accomplish that and will boost profits intensely for a food venture.
  10. Sweets Shop- In India, it is a prevalent culture to bring sweets to your relatives while visiting or to a friends house when meeting after a long time. Many times people just buy sweets on the go and buy large amounts of it. Thus, setting up a sweets shop at a well thought out location can prove to yield high returns with very limited investments from owner’s side.
  11. Dairy Shop-  A dairy will never go out of business because milk and milk products like Paneer and Cheese are a staple in India. Whether you’re harboring products of other dairy aggregators like Amul or you’re sponsoring local/self-made dairy products, it is guaranteed that these shops will attract consumers as well as new customers every day and at all times of a day.
  12. Chinese Food Stalls/Fast Food Stalls- Chinese food stalls as well as fast foods are a staple food for working class people as well as travelers passing by a city. Hiring a decent Chinese food chef as well as a fast-food cook and a few burners will help set up a food eatery which will return high-profits if organized in a proper way and constitutes one of the great food business ideas.
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  13. Organic Food Shops- Providing a reliable trusted source of organic and healthy food for the health conscious people can reap great benefits and does not require too many investments. Organic raw materials are high in cost which make it a straight-forward decision to charge customers appropriately for a healthy snack/meal /juice. This can lead to successful outreach plus tremendous revenue generation.
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  14. Home Cooked Items- Many a time people are hesitant to have processed food in India, these individuals would much rather eat home-cooked items. These home-cooked items for example Pickles, Paapad, Biscuits, Sauces, Jams, and Jellies can be prepared with very little investment at the comfort of your home and can reap huge benefits if you can maintain consistency.
  15. Grocery Store- A grocery store is always in demand. Nowadays, many grocery stores have added provisions for being open 24×7. In the beginning, this is hard to do, you should start by hiring an appropriate amount of staff who can all work efficiently to maximize profits and sales. Slowly, this business can scale tremendously as opposed to the amount of capital invested.
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  16. Nutrition Coach-  If you’re enthusiastic about healthy eating habits and very particular about physical fitness, you can help others inculcate those enriching lifestyle habits by becoming a nutrition coach. The only investment needed here is a basic registration to be a nutrition coach
  17. Popcorn, Wafer Joint- Almost every age group in today’s world likes to have popcorn, wafers as they’re incredibly tasty and fun to eat. Establishing a food joint dedicated only to wafers and popcorn will surely help attract attention and customers
  18. Food Delivery Service- Nowadays with the immaculate progress on the internet and technology customers want all goods and services delivered at home. A large part of it is food delivery. Food delivery is one of the food business ideas which will not see an end and it’s an industry where food and beverages ventures can very optimistically start their business. BUild up a local rapport and support for your service and grow your client base. Examples would be online delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda, Uber Eats.
  19. Meat and Seafood Processing-  This is another industry which will never run out of business. Since eating unprocessed meat could be injurious to health, the requirement of meat procurement, as well as processing, always stay in demand. Setting up a meat processing unit might seem expensive at first. However, it can be used on a consistent basis to cover up and even turn the earnings into profit.
  20. Agriculture- Agriculture yields slow results sometimes. However, if you deal in bulk agricultural operations it could turn out to be among a very profitable food business ideas.

Thus, there are a ton of food business ideas and things you can do with your F&B venture. Choose wisely to best suit your venture’s requirement, your city’s demographics and the latest development in technology to automate processes. However, before you even get started with any of this, A F&B venture has to acquire proper licensing, namely FSSAI License. Get your FSSAI license by following the link. You can call us at fssaifoodlicense, to get your FSSAI license in a flash! Dial +91-8750008585 now.