Food Standard and Safety Regulations Act is applicable to all food businesses in India. It is a compulsion for all those entities involved in the food supply chain to obtain a license under FSSAI. This includes all those enterprises right from post farming, manufacturing, selling, retailers, labeling, re-labeling. Applying for an Online food license is very easy.

Exemptions pave the way for farmers who don’t transport their produce by themselves to the distributor, seller or retailer and to households who produce only for themselves.

The application starts with your eligibility, depending on the installed capacity in case of a manufacturer, turnover in case of another kind of premises you may be eligible for central licensing, state licensing, registration and railway.

Depending on the eligibility one may start the application procedure for registration and state licensing.

FSSAI License is of  three types based on the nature of food business and turnover:

  • Basic License: For Turnover less than ₹12 Lakh
  • State License: For Turnover between ₹12 Lakh to ₹20 Crore
  • Central License: For Turnover above ₹20 Crore

Other criteria like the location of the business, number of retail stores etc. is needed while evaluating the nature of license application. Applying for an Online food license is very easy.

The fee prescribed can be made by way of Demand Draft/treasure challan/cash.



Documents required.

  • Photo of Food Business Operator
  • Document for Identity Proof like Ration Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, Aadhar Card, Senior Citizen Card, Department Issued ID
  • Supporting Documents (if any): – NOC by Municipality/Panchayat, Health NOC.

The all mentioned above should be mandatorily performed for the completion of FSSAI registration process.

The following steps should be followed –

  1. To apply for License/Registration move the mouse over “License/Registration” and from the drop-down option click on “Apply for License/Registration”
  2. FBO will be re-directed to Page.
  3. Select the State for which license is to be applied (Select State of Premises for which License/Registration is being applied) from the drop-down. Applying for an Online food license is very easy.
  4. If the FBO is operating in more than One(1) state then the option Yes to be selected otherwise No.
  5. If the FBO is applying for Head office/Registered office then the option Yes to be selected otherwise No.
  6. Select all the kind of Businesses which are located in a single premise for which License is to be applied.
  7. For each Kind of Business selected, check the capacity/turnover for determining the eligibility for that category.
  8. Click on Proceed.

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