This act aims to establish a single reference point for all the matters relating to the food safety and the standards by moving from the multilevel, multi-department control to a single line of the command. To this effect, the act establishes an independent statutory authority which is FSSAI whose headquarter is in New Delhi.

There are a lot of steps that have been included in the FSSAI act, 2006 but the main and the mandatory step that needs to be done by the businessman who enters the food business as they have to first register their food company under the FSSAI act, 2006 with FSSAI and then they have to take the license from the FSSAI. It is the mandatory step that all company should follow at the time when they are entering the food market.

There are certain key points that are fulfilled by the companies at the time of the registration. The key points are as follows:-

1) Basic Entity Registration: The food business operator must be a registered entity having a separate PAN, VAT registration/ service tax registration.

2) Food License: It is mandatory for the startup or the company which is planning to enter the food market to get a food license from the FSSAI.

3) Search for the category of license: Food license is location specific and type of license required varies as per the nature of the activity and the area of the location.

4) Expedite Processing: Once the application is filled in the prescribed format along with supporting documents the license can be obtained within 15-20days of the said filling.

5) The condition of the license: Food license issued is subject to the certain conditions. All food business operators must ensure that the condition is fulfilled within the time period.

6) Labeling Requirement: Logo and license no hall to be displayed on the product package in contrast to the background color as per the labeling regulation.

Food license basically is a permission granted by the FSSAI to carry on the food business. This food license is location specific and is also termed bound. It carries a 14 digit registration number.

There are certain rules and steps that all the companies follow at the time of entering into the food business. The steps for the food license are:-

1)  Eligibility search.

2) Application Filling.

3) Generation of application id.

4) Scrutiny of application.

5) Issuance of license.

6) Inspection of premises.

The compliance steps included in the FSSAI act are really appreciable and because of these steps, only the humans are able to get safe and healthy food to eat which also helps them to be safe from the diseases. The FSSAI plays a huge role in the fulfillment of the steps and it is the one which makes sure that every company who is entering the food business have fulfilled the steps.

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