Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution ministry together with the Union Ministry of Health. And various other ministries have asked Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI Registration) to come up with standards to strengthen food grains. Tenders were spread by the Govt. inviting the industry participants for the construction of Steel Silos. With 1.3 Million Tons of wheat storage. The Govt. will try to use Technology option for upgradation of Foodgrains storage in India.

The private sector responded positively to the floated tenders and various agreements have been entered with the Pvt. sector for the construction of Steel Silos. The govt. aims to upgrade the traditional Godowns, the main focus is on making the best use of existing space.

For Rice storage the govt. will be working on the technology which can be adaptable for storage and transportation of rice in bulk. Large Steel silos cannot be built because rice storage requires a lot of temperature control. And it is not storable for a long time period.

Govt. feels to create efficient transportation. Between FCI godowns and fair price shops and state governments.


The President of India on 23rd August 2006 gave his approval. To an act to combine all the laws related to food. And to establish Food Safety and Standards Authority of India that will set the standards based on science for the food articles. And will regulate the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import, in order to make sure that safe and wholesome food is available for human consumption. It will also deal with all matters connected with food.

This Act is known as the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 and this applies to the whole of India.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is established to exercise the powers granted to. And to perform the functions assigned to, it under the Food Safety and Standards Act. It is the Food Authority of India.

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