In recent years, there has been a boost in the popularity of pop-up restaurants which helps to provide a variety of different regional fast food and gourmet cuisines around the world. In line with this phenomenon, the chains of a fast food truck are rapidly opening up in India, especially in the metropolitan like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc due to low startup cost, easy maintenance, less staff and also hands on its operations. India has been a late bloomer in the business of food truck, but nevertheless, we have caught on. there is a lot of potential in this business because the demand of the public is changing as the time is changing. The Food Truck business basically provides fast services, healthier food and especially more cheaper than other restaurants. It is one of the new up and the coming trends, and if it is done right, it can lead to major business prospects. The following are a few things which you need to keep in mind before you venture out into this business. License for food truck is mandatory.


Starting with the costs, one of the pros of the business is that you don’t require a huge amount of capital in setting up a license for food truck . However, the person is required to consider the following few costs:

  1. Food Truck:  There are a variety of food trucks which are available in the market which can cost you anywhere between 2 to 10 lakhs and it depends upon the space and the features which you want in it. But, it is advisable that you buy a truck that has enough space for the mobile kitchen and also for other types of equipment. You can contact any of the food truck manufacturers in your city and also get a food truck built which is specific to your needs.
  2. Installing a Mobile Kitchen: It is not very expensive in order to get a mobile kitchen installed. You can either get the kitchen installed by the local manufacturers or can also go for the cheaper option of getting a ready-made food truck. 
  3. Permits and Municipality Charges:  You will be required to obtain a few licenses in order to smoothly run your business. The most important one is the FSSAI License. It is mandatory to obtain a food license if you are a manufacturer, trader, own a restaurant or involved in any food-related business.
  4. Appointing Staff: Most people who are opening a food truck, well, at least in the beginning don’t hire or in fact, even need a staff. But, as your customers grow and then the business expands you might like to hire a chef, and also some of the delivery boys etc.

Licenses and Permits

In order to undertake this journey, and in order to conduct your business without any inconvenience, you will need a food license and also some permits. Even though the food truck business is not subject to very strict laws, the growing number of food trucks on the streets are gaining the attention of officials. In fact, in Gurgaon, an MCG official has stated, “All businesses or the community groups that sell food must comply with the  food laws, including the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, and are also legally responsible for ensuring that food which is sold or prepared for sale is safe to eat and it is free from contamination”. Thus, it is advisable to have the minimum amount of legal documents in order to ensure that you don’t have to face any of the government regulation later on. License for food truck is mandatory.

The list of the licenses is given below:

  • Food Business Operating License: This is the first and it is the most important license which a businessman needs in order to commence your business. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) issues this license. You can also opt for the Shop and Establishment License by the FSSAI.
  • Eating House License: This is a kind of license which is issued by the license police commissioner of the city.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): An  NOC is also required to be obtained by the Municipal Corporation as well as the RTO.
  • License from the Fire Department:  In order to ensure safety as the food and the cooking equipment which-which will be kept inside a truck. such a license is required. 
  • Commercial Vehicle License: Issued by the RTO
  • Updated Vehicle Papers

If you want to apply for Food License, you can go with FSSAI Food License.

Setting Up the license for food truck:

Once you obtain the permits and the truck is up and is running, voila! You are the owner of a new food truck. So, in order to establish a customer base and to  get an idea of the everyday management, check out the following pointers:

  • Market research: Get to know about the businesses which are already out there and also to figure out your own USP. Your business needs to stand out, so you have to bring to the table that is not already out there. The businessman must try adding different foods and also the variety of cuisines so you can cater to a larger audience. You must establish a good business model early on.
  • Keep your prices cost-effective: In order to give your business an initial push, you can offer discounts and then the offers here and there only if it’s feasible. Deciding on your prices is very crucial. You don’t want to keep the prices so low that you’re not able to make ends meet, neither do you want to keep them so high that you end up brushing off prospective consumers. The businessman must calculate his costs, estimate his profits and then find the balance!License for food truck is mandatory.
  • Marketing: Promoting your business is essential since your motive is to reach your consumers. The consumers are not going to magically know that you exist, so the businessman is required to go out and also market your product. He must build up the hype even before officially commencing your business. You should use all the online platforms, get in touch with food reviewers, if you have the budget for it, and must also publish some ads in newspapers, local vehicles etc.
  • Build Your Brand:  Your brand is your USP. It is thus essential to ensure that you stand out. Chalk out your vision for the brand and he must work to create it. Start with the design and the appearance of your truck since it’s the first thing that the customers notice. Pick out the parking spot for your truck wisely. You must make sure to maintain hygiene and sanitation in and around your truck. This would include the plates, glasses, meal boxes etc in which you serve your food. Everything needs to be of a good quality.License for food truck is mandatory.

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