Documents required with Form A

  • Basic Registration is required for small FBO having an annual turnover of less than 12 Lakhs

  • Registration starts at just Rs.4,499 only

  • Takes 7-10 days

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Form-A license is needed if

  • The turnover of Food Business Operators is less than Rs.12 lakhs per annum.

  • Any petty retailer dealing in food products

  • The food sale is done by the temporary stallholder

  • Any person involved in selling and manufacturing any food articles by himself

  • An individual is responsible for distributing food in any religious or social gathering except for a caterer.

The capacity of food production (other than meat and milk)Up to 100 kilograms/liters per day
Collection, procurement, and Handling of milkUp to 500 liters per day
Slaughtering capacity2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds/ day

Process of Form-A registration


Food License Registration Validity

Before starting a food business, every FBO is required to ascertain the FSSAI registration/Food License. The validity of the registration ranges from 1 to 5 years and it relies on the number of years picked by the nourishment administrator of FSSAI. The number of years applied by the FBO will determine the charges of the registration.

Food License Registration Renewal

The registration is to be renewed by the FBO within the stipulated time for the smooth functioning of the business. According to the rules laid by FSSAI, every business is to renew this registration 30 days before the expiry of the current certificate/license. If the application for renewal of registration is not sent, then it would be considered as a gap and a new application of registration should be made by the FBO.

Penalty for Non-compliance

Food quality not in compliancePetty manufacturer: Rs.25,000
Sub-standard foodRs.5 lakhs
Misbranded foodRs.3 lakhs
Misleading advertisementRs.10 lakhs
Extraneous matter in foodRs.1 lakh
Failure to comply with Food safety officer directionRs.2 lakhs
Unhygienic processing or manufactureRs.1 lakh

Advantages of Food License

  • The Food Business Operator (FBO) can use the FSSAI logo, which in turn will bring credibility in the stakeholders

  • It facilitates food safety and security

  • Rules and regulations are laid down for the manufacturing, storage, distribution, sale, and import of food

  • The FBO has the opportunity to expand the business in the future.

  • FSSAI has released new guidelines that are compatible with the international organization.

  • The registration would create customer awareness about the quality of the food products

  • FSSAI has set some science-based principles

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