A license issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a very important document for any food business operator. But, equally important is to make sure that the rules and regulations are being followed so that your FSSAI License is never subjected to get canceled or suspended. food license canceled sometimes due to some reasons.

The provisions of section 32 of the Food Safety and Standards Act state that the registering or licensing authority has the right to suspend or cancel a license. The suspension can take place on the grounds of non-compliance with any rules and regulations provided by the FSSAI.

These are the circumstances under which food license can be canceled or suspended

  • Food poisoning outbreaks associated with the spread of diseases
  • Non-compliant premises of the food operator’s business
  • Serious food complaints where consumer’s safety is affected
  • Serious violation of a compliance under FSSAI rules
  • Violation when there is a history of not- compliance with food safety requirements
  • Non-Compliances with an improvement or other legal notice without reasonable excuse
  • Interrupting an Officer

What are the initial signs that can lead to your food license canceled or suspended?

The first step in the process is when an authority notices any violations of the regulations provided by the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

The food business is then advised to act on the corrections and rectify the problems.

If the violation is found to be very critical, to have a serious impact on the health of the consumers, in that case, a notice will be issued. Food license canceled sometimes due to some reasons.

An Improvement notice is sent once, the previously mentioned violations are observed to be overlooked and necessary corrective actions have not been taken in the reasonable period of time.

In that case, the Licensing or Registering Authority may cancel or suspend the license of the Food Business Operator.

An inspection of the premises of the Food Business operator may be directed by the Registering or Licensed Authority within 14 days to the suspension of the license. Food license canceled sometimes due to some reasons.

The Registering or Licensing Authority will finally cancel or suspend the license after reviewing the inspection report if they are still of the opinion that the Food Business Operator:

  • Yet not resolved the shortcomings or failures mentioned
  • Not complying with the details of the improvement notice causing the suspension.
  • The license can also be canceled in the care of public health if found not suitable for consumption.

For the benefit of the concerned food business operator,  the authority is obligated to the following:

  • Give a detailed statement of the reasons behind the suspension
  • Give an opportunity of being heard to the food business operators
  • Recognize the failure of the food business operator to comply with the regulation during the improvement period, stated in the Improvement Notice issued under the section 32 of the Act.
  • Provide a copy of the statement to the concerned Food Business Operator whose license has been canceled.

Therefore, it is vital for a business carrying an FSSAI license to make sure that they have read all the rules and policies under the license carefully and complying with every one of them.

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