In today’s life, people have become more conscious about their health and appearances. Nowadays, everybody focuses on leading a healthy life but due to hectic schedules, it becomes difficult to get all the nutrition required in the body. Also, it is necessary to look after your weight, it has become the biggest concern for the people. In this article, we will learn about the FSSAI food license for Herbalife.

Proper and balanced nutrition diet provides the needed portion of the fuel that is required for the routine activities and to maintain the good health of a person. But most of the people do not get the required nutrition from their meals as they skip their meals or intake junk food that does not provide the sufficient amount of nutrition. Because of the reason many people feel low energy and are not able to achieve their fitness goals. For that reason, to keep up their good health and fulfill their daily nutritional requirements the majority of people intake various energy drinks, health supplements, and other nutrition products with their meals to fulfill the requirement.

About Herbalife

Herbalife is a company famous for Global nutrition and weight management. The company offers a wide range of the weight management, personal care, and nutrition products. The company was founded in the year 1980 by Mark Hughes. Herbalife offers comprehensive and the highest quality and science-based products for the everyday nutritional requirements. The company sells its products worldwide and has a large customer base. The company aims to change the life of people by providing the best and quality weight-management and nutritional products across the globe and offer the opportunity to earn extra income through direct selling. The company’s comprehensive range of the products is available exclusively through independent Associates which is more than 2.3 million in more than 90 countries. There is need of FSSAI food license for Herbalife.

Herbalife Company makes nutrition products with fiber, vitamins, and protein to complement a balanced diet and support an active and healthy life. The company is among the leading companies that offer nutrition and weight-management products that range from the healthy snacks, protein shakes, fitness and energy drinks and other personal care products.

After the research work being done, development, and manufacturing standards in the industry company are dedicated to serving innovative healthy products that give a balanced diet on daily basis. The company is doing efforts on a continuing basis through investment in new technology and procedures to advance the development of the product and to give the highest quality and safe products to the consumers. Every product offered by the company is tested on diverse parameters. The quality team of Herbalife conducts audit and inspections on an interval basis of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure compliance. FSSAI food license for Herbalife is mandatory.

Herbalife has established a Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) that comprise of the leading experts in the fields of health and nutrition who help educate and train our independent Associates on the principles of nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Role of FSSAI

Today, most of the end consumer have become health conscious and before buying a food product they ensure that the food product they are consuming is free from adulteration, contamination and prepared by maintaining the hygienic standards. Since consumers are becoming more aware so they prefer to purchase a product that is approved by the FSSAI. For the reason, it is imperative for the Food Business operators to get the product approval and the license to commence food business or manufacture, distribute, sell and import food products in India. FSSAI food license for Herbalife is important.

The FSSAI ensure that the companies get the license and provides the licenses to only those food products which are good for health, and are of good quality, and will not damage the health of the citizens of the country. There are several standards laid down by FSSAI to avoid the chances of any sort of violation that can be caused by the food products and affect the health of the citizens. For the reason, before the final launch of the food product in the market every product goes through a meticulous quality check and then only gets the license for import.

If the company is not able to fulfill the FSSAI requirements and provide sufficient documents for safety assessment then the company’s product can be rejected by the authority. In the past few years, the products of many top companies were rejected because of the presence of the ingredients that are unsafe for consumption and did not match the food safety compliance. For the reason, the companies need to follow the FSSAI norms strictly to get the license and product approval before launching it directly in the market. Also, FSSAI is formulated to ensure the safety of the end customer. For the reason, FSSAI also penalizes the companies that do not abide by the rules and fulfill the requirements as stated in the act.

How to obtain FSSAI food license for Herbalife in India?

The FSSAI import license is imperative and all the importer companies must apply for the License as provided under the act. The importer has to take the NOC (No objection certificate) from FSSAI to import any food product in India. The company can visit the FSSAI website to apply for the license online. If the company fulfills all the requirements as required then they are provided with the license by the statutory authority.