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How to renew FSSAI food license?

The initial validity of the food license which is chosen by the food business operators can be 1 year up to 5 years and accordingly the fee is decided. As prescribed under FSSAI guidelines, every food business operator has to apply for FSSAI renewal 30 days before the expiry of the current food license.

Procedure for FSSAI License Renewal:

  1. The first and foremost step is to file Form A or form B (for the renewal of state/central license) with the signatures of the authorized signatory. Besides, photo ID by the government is also required to be attached.
  2. The application for renewal must be accompanied with an audit report or FSMS Plan or Certificate regarding food safety management system has to be filed.
  3. Then file the Form No. IX- Form of Nomination of persons by the company has to be filed in the format as prescribed.
  4. The declaration for signed by the Authorized signatory revealing that the food business which is going on conformed to the food safety and standards Act, regulation, bye-laws, notices, and orders as may be issued by the authority. Moreover, it should be also mentioned there that it shall comply with the guidelines on hygiene and sanitary practices provided under schedule- 4 of the registration and Licensing Regulation published by the food safety and Standards Authority of India to all subsequent guidelines issued by the authorized person.
  5. After receiving the application for FSSAI renewal, the authorities are liable to examine it and if needed then arrange for an inspection at the business premises to ensure that the details regarding the food business are true and correct.
  6. It takes less than 60 days only. If in case it takes more than 60 days and you have got any notice from the authority then you can continue the business without waiting for any further communication.

What if FSSAI License renewal is not made within the stipulated time

In case, the application for FSSAI License renewal is not filed within the stipulated time then Rs. 100 per day would be fined for the delay. When the application of renewal of food License is not been applied within the stipulated time then it will be considered as expired and a fresh license would have to be applied for in case the business has to continue the operations ahead. Therefore, to avoid the penalty, renewal must be done on time.

The License or registration will continue to be in force till time orders on the FSSAI renewal application are passed that must be beyond 30 days from the date of expiry of registration or license.

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