FSSAI, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, issues an  FSSAI registration to  Food Business Operators (FBOs). FSSAI license is basically a 14-digit license number along with the FSSAI Logo imprinted on food items produced by a particular FBO. Check out: How to Check FSSAI License Number Online. The food license, however, is issued only to those FBOs who are in compliance with the standards and regulations as specified in the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. FSSAI basically makes sure that safe food handling, manufacturing as well as storage facilities are being deployed by Food businesses. They also ensure that the food being is produced is safe for the consumption of their buyers. In order to acquire the license online, you have to register yourself and create an FSSAI Login online. In this article, we will look at the procedure to do the same. But before that let’s have a quick overview of FSSAI Licence and registration.

Types of FSSAI Licence –

  1. Basic FSSAI Registration– This registration for the food business operator has the turnover up to Rs.12 lakh.
  2. State FSSAI Licence– The State FSSAI license is for the food business operators who have turnover between Rs.12 Lakh to Rs.20 crore.
  3. Central FSSAI Licence– The Central FSSAI license is for the food business operators who have their turnover more than Rs.20 crores.

Procedure for FSSAI Licence-

  1. Fill up the form of FSSAI Registration on the FSSAI Licence portal and consult with or expert about the documentation.
  2. Do send your documents required through your mail so that the process of creating FORM A and FORM B can be processed.
  3. After that, the FSSAI Licence Application with other declaration are filed to the local food business operators by CS/CA.
  4. The FSSAI Application will go for Approval with the government authorities.
  5. In a few days, the Digital and Hard copy of the license will be delivered to the address the applicant has provided.

Documents required for getting FSSAI Licence –

  1. Form A (Basic Registration) or B (State and Central Licence) duly completed and signed
  2. Plan of the processing unit showing the dimensions and operation-wise area allocation
  3. List of Directors/ Partners/ Proprietor with address, contact details, and photo ID
  4. Name and list of equipment and machinery used with the number and installed capacity
  5. List of food category to be manufactured
  6. Authority letter from manufacturer nominated a responsible person name and address
  7. Analysis report of water to be used in the process to confirm the portability
  8. Source of raw material for milk, meat, etc
  9. Recall plan wherever applicable
  10. Ministry of Commerce Certificate for 100% EOU
  11. NOC/PA document issued by FSSAI
  12. IE code document issued by DGFT
  13. Form IX
  14. Certificate from Ministry of Tourism
  15. Proof of possession of premises
  16. Partnership deed/ affidavit of proprietorship
  17. NOC and copy of License from the manufacturer
  18. Food safety management system plan or certificate
  19. NOC from the municipality or local body
  20. Supporting document for proof of turnover  and transportation
  21. Declaration form

Steps to Create FSSAI Login

Step 1: Head on over to the food licensing website https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/index.aspx.

FSSAI login creation starts here

Food Licensing Website

Step 2: In the website main page, there will be an “Existing User Login” section and just below the “sign-in” button you have two options in the orange text: “Forget Used ID/Password”  and “Sign UP”. Click the sign-up option and you will be redirected to a page called “FBO Sign Up”. This is how the page looks:

FBO Signup for FSSAI login

Step 3:  Fill up the details of your Food Business Operator (FBO). These details include Name of Applicant, Name of the Company Holding the restaurant/food business, Address of the Food business, email-id, mobile number etc. Fill up these details. Keep a convenient, easy to remember, yet secure User Id and password
Click the checkbox next to “I agree to the terms of use of FLRS”, Enter the captcha code given for you.

FSSAI Login create

Full up Details for FSSAI Login creation

Step 4: If the created username/password has an issue i.e it is already taken/ the password does not comply with regulations of the website it will show you an error message.
For eg., for me, the username was already taken and the password did not have capital letters.


Errors while creating FSSAI Login

Step 5: Once your account is created, You will get a success message from the website. Once, you have done the FSSAI login, you are supposed to apply for an FSSAI license within 30 days to avoid the disabling of the login id created creation.


Successful creation of FSSAI Login

Step 6:  As soon as you are registered on the portal, You will receive a confirmation mail from FSSAI (licensing@fssai.gov.in) with your login credentials make sure you keep that mail handy in case you forget your login id. However, the FSSAI website does provide a Remember Passwords option with high security.


Email-Notification after FSSAI Login creation

Step 7:  In addition to receiving an mail, you will also receive a text message confirming the message and thanking you for your registration.

FSSAI Login creation

SMS after FSSAI Login creation

Why to register for FSSAI License?

It has been made compulsory by the FSSAI department for all the food business operators in India to get an FSSAI license to conduct their business in India. All the food business operators must get a 14 digit FSSAI License number and publish it on the food packages. To overcome the adulteration in the food and substandard products, FSSAI has made it mandatory to get this license.
FSSAI checks for the food license of FBO on a random basis and takes strict actions upon those businesses whose licenses have expired or businesses that don’t have an FSSAI license.
There is a high level of consumer trust in the safety and quality of food. It assists to promote innovation in food products. It helps in the removal of various regulations. It promotes trade without compromising consumer protection and a larger share.

Creating an FSSAI Login and then applying for the license online can prove to be a challenging task at times.
At FssaiFoodLicense, we provide you with comprehensive Food Consultant services and help you acquire the FSSAI license in a quicker and more convenient fashion.
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