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The Official Website for FSSAI is https://www.fssai.gov.in/home.Here is how the FSSAI logo appears on the main site.

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FSSAI, FSSAI Logo Design

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, the FSSAI is a regulatory body corporate which looks after implementation and oversight of food safety practices and safe food handling practices. The FSSAI has been established by the government empowered by the rules and regulations specified in the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 and acting under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Central Government of India. FSSAI executes the powers given to it such as approving /disapproving the sale of food products by issuing a FSSAI logo and FSSAI license number. The design of the FSSAI logo contains the blue and orange colored texts with a green colored bottom line and a cherry for a title

FSSAI Logo Identification and FSSAI License Number

FSSAI logo identification than done by seeing the FSSAI license number right next to it on food products and in shops.
FSSAI License number is a 14-digit number assigned by the FSSAI in order to mark the specific food items/ food business as compliant with food safety and healthy food handling practices. Given below are examples of food items with FSSAI license number along with them is engraved is the FSSAI logo.

FSSAI logo

FSSAI logo along with license number

Fssai logo on swiggy app

FSSAI logo on the Food-Delivery App Swiggy










It is statutory as well as safe practice to get a FSSAI product approval and get it certified as safe for consumption with the FSSAI logo and the license number. Getting the FSSAI license number is pivotal for food businesses here are some important instructions while applying for the food license.

  1. Use of logo without any permission
  •  Conference, Functions, Events, Campaigns, Seminars, directly organized by the State / Union Territory (UT) Governments will allow the use of the FSSAI Logo.
  • Events other than the ones mentioned above will require a specific prior approval from FSSAI.
  •  The logo can be used as per FSSAI’s Voluntary/ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Participation Guidelines for such events
  1. Use of logo for Events, Publications, Websites / Portals

I. Permission for use of the logo for events other than those organized by the FSSAI, States and Union Territories would be granted based on the following factors:

  • Type and Significance of the event
  • Organizer’s track record/ profile
  • The type of Delegation and Participants involved with the event
  •  The deliverables exhibited at the venue and distribution of FSSAI’s publicity materials to the participants in the even

II. The merits for each of the factors mentioned above will be significant in the granting the request of using/publishing the FSSAI logo on websites as well as portals

  1. Use of logo for programmes on Electronic Media

The requests for using the  FSSAI logo in shows on electronic media, such as quiz competitions, food shows etc.  will be considered based on the following factors

  • Type of Show
  • The profile of the Show’s Producer
  • Target Audience of the particular show
  • What is the content being put out in the show and how much focus is put on food safety and nutrition
  • The outreach/extent to which the show can publicize deploying food safety and nutrition practices
  1. Procedure for grant of permission for use of logo under categories 2 & 3
  •  The requests for the use of the logo should be sent  to the main FSSAI Office i.e. FDA Bhavan, Kotla Road, New Delhi in the format given below
  •  The merits of the case for use of based on the above-mentioned guidlines will be approved by the CEO of FSSAI. At this time the  CEO of FSSAI is  Shri Pawan Kumar Agarwal. You can reach out to him on 011-23220995 or email at [email protected]
  • FSSAI has the authority to request  any additional details before they approve the request for the use of the logo
  • It is advisable to send all the approval requests for the use of the logo 30 days in advance with all the due details.
  1. There shall be no financial commitment/liability attached to the FSSAI while agreeing to allow the use of FSSAI and/or its initiatives logos.

      6 Permission granted by FSSAI for use of the logo will be subject to the following conditions

  •  FSSAI’s right  to withdraw permission for use of its logo by giving appropriate tnotice
  •  FSSAI’s right to view the logo that is being used by the organization before it’s finalization

     7.  If FSSAI grants the permission to use the logo, the logo should be displayed distinctly in the banner and/or backdrop

      8.  The event organizer will be liable to face troubles related to copyright issues arising due to unauthorized use of the images, footages as well as the text material. FSSAI will not participate in any disputes arising out of copyright violation by the organizers

     9.  If permission to use the logo is granted, it will not give the organizers the right to have discussions to collect money in any form in the name of FSSAI.

10. The use of the logo if permitted, should not be used to indicate in any form that FSSAI endorses any food product/ food business, it should just mean to indicate that food business has been  certified by FSSAI as having complied to their regulations and guidelines for using the logo

11. FSSAI reserves the right to impose additional conditions on the use of their logo

Serial NumberDetails
1Name of the event for which permission is being sought
2Date of the event
3Venue of the Event
4The overall objective of the event (please attach a brief write up on the theme, key speakers & profile thereof, tentative programme schedule, conference papers, publicity material etc.)
5Target Audience/Visitors/Participants
6How the event/programme will help in increasing awareness about “FSSAI” and other related aspects of the programme.
7Kind of Support required, If any from any other Ministry/ Department (Centre, State or Local Bodies)
9Profile of the Organizers
10Any other related information

Name of the applicant:

Address of the applicant:


Phone Number:

How to use the FSSAI logo and License Number on Label

On 10 Feb 2017, FSSAI issued an order regarding FSSAI logo and license number, it is statutory for every Food Business Operators (FBOs) to put FSSAI logo and 14 digit license number on principle display part of the label in the following manner:


Interestingly enough, FSSAI does not specify that they need the label and license number in the logo in the color combination of the original logo. The color on the logo printed on the label of the food products should just be in contrast with the label color and should be clearly displaying the logo and the license number.

If the manufacturing of the food products is done from multiple outlets, it is not mandatory to put out the logo multiple times it is enough to just specify the name of the manufacturing unit/branch of that particular food product. Look below for some pointers on as to how to to do it.

Manufactured by:
Food Manufacturing outlet,
Pali Hills, Mumbai
Shop no 37, Address

Drinks Bar
Plot 9, MIDC,

As per notification dated 23 Jun 2014, clause no 2.6.1 of FSS (Packaging and labeling) regulation, 2011 made applicable to display of logo and license number. Hence packages having a surface area below 100-centimeter square need not put the logo and license number on their label/package but whole packages/multi-piece package need to display them.

Click the Image Below to download FSSAI logo.

fssai logo

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