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fssai license Registration
Food business entrepreneurs who do not file for a food registration licence risk a maximum 6-month prison sentence as well as a licencing penalty of up to Rs. 5 lakhs for doing business illegally.

Online FSSAI License - Registration In Chennai

Registration Form

  • Name of Person

  • Email Id

  • Mobile No.

  • Name of Business


  1. Name of Person : Fill the name of Person according to official documents.आधिकारिक दस्तावेजों के अनुसार व्यक्ति का नाम भरें।

  2. Email Id : Fill registered email id of business. व्यवसाय या व्यक्तिगत की पंजीकृत ईमेल आईडी भरें

  3. Mobile No : Fill Mobile No.मोबाइल नंबर भरें

  4. Name of Business : Fill the name of business according to official documents.आधिकारिक दस्तावेजों के अनुसार व्यवसाय का नाम भरें।

Procedure To Get
FSSAI Registration / FSSAI License Online

Fill Up Application Form
Make Online Payment
Executive Will Prepare Your Application
Receive Application Through courier and Mail

FSSAI Registration in Chennai

Chennai, originally Madras, is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The most significant cultural, economic, and educational hub of South India is Chennai, which is situated on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is a popular place for street cuisine, much like it is in other parts of India, despite the widespread misconception that it is unhealthy. Idly Sambhar is a well-liked meal that can be eaten for breakfast or dinner. In addition to the usual South Indian street cuisine, there are many North Indian street food establishments across the city, the most of which were started by North Indian migrants themselves.

Due to these advantages, investors are ready to select FSSAI Registration in Chennai. Setting up a food business in Chennai for your company is now easier and more reasonable than ever thanks to the help of legal professionals from the fssai food license team in Chennai.

As a result, it is the best market to enter in order to start a food business and take advantage of all the chances present. We make it quick and simple for you to obtain your food license. Want to launch a food business? Utilize our FSSAI Registration in Chennai to swiftly and conveniently register for your food license. You will be guided through the entire procedure by our legal advisor, who will also make sure that all the paperwork is in order.

FSSAI food license: what is it?

All food companies engaged in the manufacturing, sale, or distribution of food goods in India must have a Fssai food license. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), which issues the license, makes sure that all food enterprises follow stringent cleanliness and quality standards. Even while obtaining an FSSAI Registration in Chennai may seem like a challenging task, with our help, your business can be rise and running in no time.

Documents Required for FSSAI License

ID proof

A valid photo ID proof, such as an Aadhar card or a voter ID card, can be used to identify the owners of food establishments.

Proof of possession of the Company premises

Proof of possession of the Company premises is also necessary, and include utility bills, a NOC from the landlord of the rented space, a leasing agreement, etc.

NOC from the health department

A NOC from the municipality or panchayat, a NOC from the health department, etc., as well as other supporting documents, including a copy of the manufacturer's license, are also required.

Certificate of business constitution

Certificate of business constitution, such as a partnership deed, certificate of incorporation proof, a license for a store or other establishment, or another certificate of business registration are also required.

Partners Proof

List of the directors, partners, and proprietors, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and IDs are also required.

Safety certificate of food

The applicant must present a certificate or safety food management system.

Nominee Name

Applicants shall submit the name of the nominee and the board resolution to the Company.

Form statement

The declaration/statement form must be submitted by applicants under the owner of the business.

What does it cost to register with the fssai?

Regulations, 2011, which were implemented in 2011, set guidelines for the fee structure for food business operators. In Chennai, all operators of food businesses must complete the FSSAI registration process; those who fail to do so would be subject to fines. Registrar FSSAI Fees are divided into expert and government expenses. A professional fee is charged by the professional to set up your application, and the government officially charges a fee for the handling of applications. Basic registration, State registration, and Central registration are the three different types of FSSAI registration in Chennai, and the FSSAI fees for each of these registrations are listed below:

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Basic FoSCoS FSSAI License

Fees Annual Turnover Below Twelve Lakhs: One Hundred Rupees Per Year.

Generic placeholder image

State FoSCoS FSSAI License

Fees Annual Turnover Between Twelve Lakhs and 20 crores: Two thousand to Five Thousand Rupees Per Year.

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Central FoSCoS FSSAI License

Fees Annual Turnover above 20 crores: Five thousand to Seven Thousand Rupees Per Year.

Validity of fssai license

The FSSAI Registration in Chennai is applicable for 1 to 5 years, depending on how many years the food administrator department choose. Regardless, the cost of the permit rises as when stays connected for more years. According to FSSAI regulations, the food business operator must submit an application for the license renewal within 30 days of the license's expiration date. Each FSSAI Renewal Application submitted beyond the expiration date for FSSAI registration in Chennai is subject to a Rs. 100 late fee.

Validity Period for FSSAI Registration in Jammu and Kashmir

A FSSAI licence can be obtained for a term of one to five years. One may choose how long they want to have the FSSAI License at the moment they apply for it. According on the estimated number of years required for FSSAI registration, the price for the FSSAI License will also vary. All food business owners must wait until they have a valid FSSAI licence before starting their operations. It is anticipated that the FSSAI License validity will be renewed in order to keep the firm operating.

Keep an eye on things and keep in mind that you must renew your FSSAI licence 30 days before to the expiration of your food licence if it is about to expire. Most importantly, if you fail to renew your food licence, penalties will be applied. Therefore, it is always advised to maintain track of the FSSAI licence expiration date.

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