FSSAI Rules For Food License

Since the commencement of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, many central acts and FSSAI Rules have been into action. some of them are like Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954. Fruit Product order, 1955, Meat Food Products Order, 1973, vegetable oil product order 1947, Edible Oils Packaging Order 1988. Also Milk and Milk Products Order 1992.


 The Act came with the objective to make a single reference point for all the issues related to food safety and standards. This is possible by switching from the multi-level and multi-departmental control to a single line of command. To this effect, the act launches a single independent Statutory authority, The Food Safety and Standard Authority of  India. This Authority has its headquarters in the capital city Delhi.

All FBOs in India is required to abide by the following FSSAI rules. All of them need to obtain FSSAI registration and follow the below rules:

FSSAI Registration or License

Any person performing manufacturing, production, processing, packaging, transportation, distribution or storage of food products need to obtain FSSAI registration or FSSAI license. On obtaining registration,  a true copy of the FSSAI should at all times is visible at a prominent place in the premises of the food business.

Update FSSAI

All food business operators shall inform FSSAI authorities about any change or modifications in activities of the food business. The FSSAI licensee should ensure that no product other than the product shown in the FSSAI license or FSSAI registration is manufacturing by the unit.

Further, FSSAI licensee needs to provide access to Licensing Authorities or their authorized personnel to the food business premises, if requested.

Employ Qualified Person

All food business license holders shall hire at least one technical person to supervise the production process. The person supervising the production process should possess a degree in Science with Chemistry or Bio-Chemistry or Food and Nutrition or Microbiology or a degree or diploma in Food Technology or Dairy Technology or Dairy Microbiology or Dairy Chemistry or Dairy Engineering or Oil Technology or Veterinary Science or Hotel Management or any degree or diploma in any other discipline.

File Annual Return

FSSAI license holders need to furnish periodic annual return (1st April to 31st March). This is within upto 31st May of each year. For those FBOs collecting, manufacturing or handling milk and milk products, half yearly returns must file carefully.

Maintain Clean & Hygienic Facility

All FSSAI licenses need to follow these conditions. This is to ensure that all food is under processing in a clean and hygienic facility:

  • Maintain factory’s sanitary and hygienic standards and worker’s hygiene as specified in the FSSAI rules.
  • Maintain daily records of production, raw materials, utilization, and sales separately.
  • Ensure that the source and standards of raw material used are of optimum quality.
  • Not to manufacture, store or expose for sale, any article of food in any premises. That is nearby or part of any privy, urinal, sullage, drain or place of storage of waste matter.
  • Regularly clean the machine and equipment.
  • Ensure testing of relevant chemical and/or microbiological contaminants in food products, at least once in six months.
  • Ensures that the temperature is accurate throughout the supply chain. From the place of procurement or sourcing until it reaches the end consumer.

Under the FSS act 2006, FSSAI has to perform the following Functions:

  • to frame the rules and regulations to recline the guidelines relating to the food articles. It should necessarily be specifying the applicable system of putting into act various standards.
  • reclining the process of accreditation of the certification bodies dealing in the certification of the food safety management system for FBO.
  • to give scientific advice and technical support to the Govt. in issues relating to policy framing and rules in an area having the direct or indirect bearing of food security.

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