FSSAI product approval is needed for products which have ingredients and/or additives that are not as per the prescribed standards in the FSS Act and Regulations. FSSAI approval is granted at the Central Government level and in this article we look at the procedure for obtaining FSSAI approval.

The approval process used to manual wherein the FSSAI product approval application and a Demand Draft for the prescribed fee had to be submitted to the FSSAI office in New Delhi. However, to cope up with the increase in FSSAI product approval applications and bring in transparency into the system, FSSAI License Authority has recently introduced the Food Product Approval System (FPAS). FSSAI product approval application can now be submitted and tracked online through the FSSAI FPAS Online system.

Information Required for FSSAI Product Approval

To make an FSSAI product approval application the following information pertaining to the company and product are necessary:

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Address
  3. Email
  4. Phone Number
  5. Manufacturers Address
  6. Type of Business (Manufacturer / Importer / Retailer / Marketer)
  7. Product Origin
  8. Country of Origin
  9. Existence in the Market
  10. Common Name
  11. Brand Name
  12. Method of Manufacturing
  13. Claim, if any?
  14. Shelf Life of the Product
  15. Pack Size
  16. Serving Details
  17. Ingredients Details

In addition to the above information, the following documents must also submit in the product approval application.

  1. Label for the food product approval application
  2. Method of manufacturing
  3. Accelerated stability datasheet
  4. Real-time stability datasheet
  5. End-Use Declaration Document
  6. Certificate of Analysis from NABL Lab
  7. Undertaking and Form-9

Process for obtaining Product Approval

FSSAI Product Approval

The following is the procedure for obtaining FSSAI product approval in India:

Business Entity Incorporation

FSSAI product approval is an intangible asset for any business, as it provides the business with the authority to manufacture or market a certain type of food product in India. Further, each FSSAI product approval is done only after the considerable amount of processing time and involves payment of high processing fees to FSSAI. Therefore, it is necessary that the FSSAI product approval application is made from a corporate entity like Private Limited Company or LLP so that business can easily transfer at a later time along with the food product licenses if necessary.

Food Business Operator License

A food business operator license is important for businesses that are in the manufacturing or handling or selling of food products. While applying for food product approval, submit a copy of the FSSAI food business operator license certificate along with. Hence, all recommend that a food business operator license shall be in the name of the business if necessary.

Test Reports

The application for food product approval shall submit with all the necessary test reports from NABL accredited labs. The NABL lab reports are used to validate the claims, label claims, ingredients and other parameters of the food product. The type of tests to conduct for the food product will vary based on the nature of the product. The list of NABL accredited labs in India are as under:

  • List of NABL Labs in India

Food Product Label

The FSSAI food product approval application must contain a label of the product. The label can be a prototype and need not be printed. It is important to ensure that the food product label conforms to the FSSAI Food Product Labeling Standards in India.

Submitting the FSSAI Product Approval Application

Once the above information and documents are ready, one can fill the application for FSSAI product approval through the Food Product Approval System. It is important to have professional help while preparing and submitting the FSSAI product approval application.

Other Resources

The following are some of the Act and Regulations pertaining to FSSAI Food Product Approval in India.

  • FSSAI Food Product Approval FAQs
  • Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006
  • Food Safety and Standards Rules 2011

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