Health Drinks FSSAI License

In India, awareness about health and fitness has increased to a significant extent. People try different health products to complete nutritional deficiency. These days, health drinks are quite in vogue. But at the same time, there are several controversies enveloping these so-called “health” drinks. According to the experts in the field, instead of health drinks, it is wiser to categorize them “caffeinated beverage”. People unknowingly consume these drinks and then suffer from a variety of side-effects. In this article, we will learn about the role of Health Drinks FSSAI License.

Role of FSSAI

FSSAI or the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has taken a lot of steps to strip off the term health or energy drinks from these concoctions available in the market. It is mandatory for these drinks to carry a safety warning on their label so that the consumers know what they are drinking. Moreover, the label must also say that we do not recommend this drinks for consumption for lactating or pregnant women and children, people who are sensitive to caffeine”.  The label must also say that one shall not consume more than two cans of this drink in a day. By laying down these standards, the Agency is trying to keep a control on the over-consumption of these drinks which may result in serious medical problems in many people.

After a lot of cases came up where consuming these health drinks resulted in a damaging effect on the consumers, FSSAI decided to make the rules regarding Health Drinks FSSAI License more stringent. Many times, it is seen that consumption of high caffeine content results in severe medical issues. FSSAI has risen the standards pertaining to these drinks almost two years back also. Recently, the agency finalizes the latest NOI standards to ensure in these drinks.

Steps taken by FSSAI

In case of some health drinks, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India withdrew the NOC of the products and recall them considering them as unsafe. In an order dated June 11th, 2015, the Authority asked the manufacturers of one of the popular health drinks, “Restless Energy Drink” to recall it immediately from the market. This is because they find these drinks to be quite unsafe for consumption. The FSSAI gave NOC or No Objection Certificate for this drink on August 13 for a year.

Later, in the year 2014, January 21st, the FSSAI’s scientific panel found an irrational Ginseng and Caffeine combination having an opposing effect on the human body. After the scientific panel’s observation, it recommends the product to declare as unsafe and a recall order was given by FSSAI. The company has been directed to stop the production, sale, and distribution of this health drink in the market. The product was manufactured by M/s Pushpam Food & Beverages. The company has applied for the approval of other health and energy drinks in the past. Some of these drinks were Cloud 9 Red Grapes Energy Drinks, Cloud 9 Pomegranate Energy Drink, Cloud 9 Premium Drink and Cloud 9 Wild Berry Energy Drink. The NOC for these drinks also withdraws after a thorough discussion by the Scientific Panel on Functional Foods, Dietetic Products, Nutraceuticals, and Other Similar Products. The reason behind the withdrawal was a similar irrational combination of Ginseng and Caffeine in the health drinks. The NOC withdraw in November 2014.

The reasons behind the Health Drinks FSSAI License were

  • Use of ingredients that were unsafe, like ginseng and caffeine combination
  • There was a variation in the given quantity and composition of the additives and ingredients. The original application is given to the authority for approval of the product and also in the information of one was given to FSSAI when the authority needs clarification.
  • The manufacturer was not able to furnish ingredients.
  • There was no data pertaining to safety evaluation was provided by global agencies like USAFDA, Codex, FSANZ, EU, and WHO.

The company also came up with two different variants of these drinks in Apple and Mango without seeking approval for the product by FSSAI. Permission is not given to launch a product in the market without seeking approval for the same as per regulations. Hence, it was found illegal. It is imperative to seek product approval separately for the product. Even if its compositions are slightly different from the parent product.

FSSAI and its Inception

The very objective behind the setting up of Food Safety and Standard Authority of India was to maintain levels of food quality. The FSSAI entrusts to formulate controlling procedures. The authority has to implement a variety of measures that ensure the elimination of hazardous and toxic elements. As a result of these measures each and every consumer getting an assurance about the quality of food. The FSSAI regulations and standards are increasingly becoming stringent. This is to assure people about the food safety. No damaging effect sustains by their bodies upon consumption of this food and drinks.

Any FBO has to follow the regulations set up by FSSAI. Also assure the authority about the quality of the drinks manufacturing, selling and distributing in the market. Seeking a Health Drinks FSSAI license is mandatory. Precisely for the reason that the authority wants consumers to consume various food and drink products. And that too without any stress or fear of contamination or adulteration. The authority came into existence a few years back. But its regulations have been more stringent and binding in the recent times.