FSSAI registration in Delhi

Food licenscing with FSSAI is very critcial to your catering business. The guidelines for registration are fairly complex and in order to avoid a similar fate like  Nestle India debacle, registration process needs to be done extremely carefully. You can follow the following steps to get an FSSAI food license in Delhi:

Procedure –4 simple steps.

FSSAI Food License

1. Complete our simple questionnaire.

2. We will provide consultation whether you are eligible for Registration, State License or Central License.

3. Provide all necessary documents.

4. We create your Application and file it with FSSAI Authority.

Licensing and registration of food business.

No person shall commence or carry on any food business except under a license with an exception of a tiny food business operator, but they shall register themselves with food authority. Hence FSSAI food license in Delhi is crucial for ensuring smooth operations.

FSSAI license is basically a 14- Digit registration number which is printed on food packages.
Based on Annual Turnover an FBO has to either apply for simple registration in FORM A with FSSAI or apply for a License given by FSSAI in FORM B.

Annual Turnover  Registration/License
Below 12 LakhsRegistration FORM A
12 – 20 LakhsState License FORM B
Above 20 LakhsCentral License FORM B

There are many types of FSSAI License. Any FBO without FSSAI food license is liable to pay penalty for the offenses. The Act has defined Offences and Penalties related to food. Register now to ensure you are not liable for any offense and penalty thereof.

FSSAI gives the opportunity of applying for registration / License online all over India. Apply for FSSAI food License online.

Get your FSSAI registration in India within a month! Register Now! Hassle free and time-saving service.