What is Fssai?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a self-ruling body set up under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The FSSAI License authority has been built up under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 which is a combining statute responsible for the wellbeing and direction in India. FSSAI is in charge of protecting or promoting public health by regulating and supervising food safety. Food license requirement for different kinds of the food business is different. Food license requirement is mandatory.

Fssai was established to achieve three main objectives –

  1.  Surrounding an incorporated Food Law.
  2. Keeping Consumer Safety as the priority
  3. Harmonizing food standards with international regulations.

In India, it is mandatory for every Food Business Operator to be licensed or registered under the Food Security Standards Act 2006. Under FSSAR, authorizing is a two-level framework including focal and State Licensing. In this blog, we will investigate the sort of business that requires FSSAI License. Food license requirement is mandatory.

Benefits of Fssai –

FSSAI license certifies that food is tested and the hygiene, sanitary and safety requirements as set by the government of India have been followed by the business entity.

1. Consumer Awareness – People have become more assertive and informative after the Maggi controversy, it ensures the quality of the product.

2. Legal Advantage – Most of the businesses identify getting an FSSAI license as an expensive, time consuming and an inconvenient process of documentation, thus they try to avoid getting the license.

3. Using the FSSAI logo – One can use the FSSAI logo in their menu cards and also in the pamphlets in order to publicise food’s superior quality over others. This, however, gives an edge over the many food operators who are not having the license.

4. Business Expansion – When the time comes for your business to expand in other areas or cities, you can easily do so with the use of your FSSAI license.

Kind of Food Business which comes under Central Licensing –

  1. Dairy units including milk chilling units prepared to deal with or process in excess of 50 thousand liters of fluid drain/day or 2500 MT of drain strong per annum.
  2. Vegetable oil preparing units and units delivering vegetable oil by the procedure of dissolvable extraction and refineries including oil expeller unit having introduced limit in excess of 2 MT for every day.
  3. All slaughterhouses prepared to butcher in excess of 50 vast creatures or at least 150 little creatures including sheep and goats or at least 1000 poultry winged animals for each day.
  4. Meat preparing units prepared to deal with or process in excess of 500 kg of meat for every day or 150 MT for each annum.
  5. All sustenance handling units other than said under point1 to point.4 including relabellers and repackers having introduced limit in excess of 2 MT/day aside from grains, oats, and heartbeats processing units.
  6. 100 % Export Oriented Units
  7. All Importers bringing in sustenance things for business utilize.
  8. Retail chains working in at least three states.
  9. Sustenance cooking administrations in foundations and units under Central government Agencies like Railways, Air and air terminal, Seaport, Defense and so on.

Kind of Food Business which comes under State Licensing –

Licenses for carrying the food business which is not covered under Central Licensing are covered under the Authority of State Licensing –

  1. A Dhabha
  2. Restaurants
  3. Storage
  4. Wholesaler
  5. Retailer
  6. Distributor
  7. Supplier
  8. A Canteen
  9. Club
  10. Transporter
  11. Hawker
  12. Marketer
  13. Food Processor

Who does not require FSSAI?

Any little nourishment business administrator who produces or offers any sustenance thing himself or a frivolous retailer, seller, nomad merchant or brief slow down holder or disseminates nourishments incorporating into any religious or party aside from a cook are exempted from FSSAI permit, yet it is obligatory for them to enroll with FSSAI Registration Authority. The yearly turnover of these Food Business Operator is not as much as Rs. 12 lakhs. Once these Petty sustenance business administrators enroll with Food Authority, Certificate of Registration and a photograph character card.

Punishment for carrying on Business without a Food License 

According to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, it is strictly prohibited to start a business related to manufacturing, selling, distribution of any food product without the license of FSSAI. A person not following this rule can be punished with imprisonment of 6 months or have to bear the penalty of up to Rs. 5 lacks. Food license requirement is mandatory.

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