Since ages, food has been an extremely dubious business in India. Nonetheless, Indians are continuously evolving as food consumers and the people are beginning to try the new options available in the market. Yet most people in the country prefer home-made food for daily meals. In India, a majority of the population migrates from one place to another for education and to earn a living. The tiffin service of food in India basically targets the students living in hostels and busy professionals working in offices. Most of these people are leaving away from their families and face a critical problem of daily meals which often leads to severe health ailments. Tiffin is a business that deals with offering catering services of homemade food. It is more user-friendly, provides a huge variety of hygienic and healthy food, everything at an extremely reasonable cost. As a result, the Professional Tiffin Service Industry has gained a hasty momentum is a very short span of time. A license for tiffin service is mandatory.

Initially, the entire industry was run by local aunties and was very unorganized and disintegrated without any clear direction. This was primarily because the industry wasn’t taken seriously by the investors and the general public. However, the shift in mentality has led to the advancement of the industry. Presently, numerous tiffin services are being run by young educated professionals including MBAs and Engineers who detected an enormous gap in this sector. The food home delivery system is a boon in the modern world.


When someone establishes a catering service in India, they are required to have some licenses and a few certifications as selling food from home is similar to that at a restaurant. Most of the Tiffin Services run without licenses as the industry being an unorganized one. A license for tiffin service is mandatory.

It is highly recommended that one must take all the possible licenses that might come along the way while operating the business. This is basically, to protect the personal asset of the owner.

It is suggested that the owner must consider creating a business entity such as a Limited Liability Company or a Sole Proprietorship, which can be registered very easily. All you need for company registration are a few documents and the entire process is done online.

It is very important to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Health Department. Before starting with the operation, one must contact the local Health Department to acquire the complete knowledge of specific regulations, certifications, licenses and insurance details. Usually, the Health Department compels an inspection of the area to be used as the kitchen.

An array of licenses/permissions one might need to establish a Tiffi Service of Food in India. These may vary in every Indian State. License for tiffin service is mandatory.

  1. Shop and Establishment Act License
  2. FSSAI License (State FSSAI License/Central FSSAI License)
  3. Trade License
  4. Fire Brigade
  5. Police
  6. Society’s NOC

It is mandatory for the owner to get in touch with the local municipality to know more accurately about the state-specific licenses required to establish a tiffin service of food in India. A license for tiffin service is mandatory.

If you want to apply for Food License, you can go with FSSAI Food License.

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