Maggi’s Issues with FSSAI

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) alleged that Nestle’s product Maggi Noodles used lead over the permissible limit. In addition to this, the food regulator also pointed out a mislabelling of monosodium glutamate (MSG) content in the noodles. FSSAI also charged Nestle for not taking appropriate permission for the sale of Maggi Oat noodles. Due to these allegations, Food regulators put a nationwide ban on the noodles on June 5, 2015. FSSAI also ordered Nestle to recall all Maggi products.

Nestle denied the allegations that the noodles were unsafe and as a result ended up publishing a statement on their social media accounts and website that there had been no order to recall any products. Their statement focused on the products being produced with supreme priority to consumers health and safety. They said they have strict food safety and quality controls at out Maggi factories and do not add MSG to the Noodles, and glutamate, if present, may come from sources occurring naturally. Nestle officials said that the number of adulterants in the sample surprised them as they claim to regularly monitor the standards.

The  Resolution

A state of panic took over the citizens who were now unsure about the quality of all Nestle products. This lead to an even bigger outcry in the policy of Food License. The products underwent tests from international authorities as well. However, extensive tests revealed that only Indian states found adulteration in the products.




A government authorized laboratory declared the noodles compliant with the National Food Safety standards much to Nestle’s relief.

India’s food minister has slammed the FSSAI  for creating an environment of fear in the food industry. Meanwhile, Nestle discharged Maggi Noodles all across the globe. Nestlé India also received permission from the Bombay High Court to export Indian Maggi noodles.

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