Mention the roles and responsibilities of state regarding Fssai

Food safety and standards authority of India is an autonomous body which was established under the ministry of health and family welfare, the government of India. The FSSAI had been established under the food safety and standards act, 2006 which from the past used to be the consolidating statute related to food security and the regulation in India. FSSAI is basically responsible only for protecting and promoting public health byways of regulation and supervision of the food safety. There are many other duties and responsibility of food authority.

The FSSAI has its main headquarters at New Delhi. The authority also has 6 regional offices which are situated in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, and Cochin There is a total of 14 referral laboratories notified by FSSAI, 72 number of state/UT laboratories located throughout India and total of 112 laboratories are NABL accredited private laboratories notified by FSSAI.

The FSS Act is mainly a bucket for all the older laws, rules and the regulations for the food safety. The FSS Act at the of its establishment took 8 older acts into one umbrella.

  • Prevention of theFood Adulteration Act which came in1954
  • Fruit Products Order which came in 1955
  • Meat Food Products Order which came in 1973
  • Vegetable Oil Products (Control) Order which came in 1947
  • Edible Oils Packaging (Regulation) Order which came in 1988
  • Solvent Extracted Oil, De-Oiled Meal and Edible Flour (Control) Order which came in 1967
  • Milk and Milk Products Order which came in 1992.

The states are running different-different schemes regarding the FSSAI which is proving to be really helpful for the general public because they are the ones who are getting the pure products from the markets. Every state understands their responsibilities regarding the food safety and the security. For fulfilling all this firstly they had made the rule that every food business in India requires FSSAI registration or license, it is a mandatory process for every company who is in the food business. The registration or license is basically based on some of the factors which require being determined by the food business operator (FBO) and the factors are nature of food business activities, the area of production etc. FSSAI is the regulatory body which was established by the authority of India to check the quality of products and whether they are healthy or not. Every businessman who is entering the food business market, have to take the food license from FSSAI only because FSSAI is set up to regulate the manufacturing, storage, sales and import of food articles.

FSSAI has set certain guidelines for the food safety research. The research and the development division are responsible for research with the following objectives:

1) Generate new knowledge that would definitely help in the continuously updating and the upgrading food safety standards which are always compatible with the international organizations.

2) Carry out evidence-based studies for improving or building up the policies.

The states are fulfilling their roles and the responsibilities properly regarding the FSSAI because they keep on checking and are managing it properly for the welfare of the general public i.e. providing them the products with good quality and are perfect enough to eat. The FSSAI has been properly regulated by the states.


Mention the roles and responsibilities of state regarding Fssai
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