Sometimes, to stay relevant and keep providing value to customers, businesses have to re-brand themselves. It’s no different for the restaurant businesses. As a restaurant owner, you must be aware that restaurant businesses have a high failure rate as it is, with about 75% of restaurants failing within the first 4 years. So it is important for the eating joints to keep up with the trends, adapt strategies or even re-brand and re-theme the restaurant. In this piece, we’re going to look at ways to re-brand your restaurant without losing recognition. Re-theming or re-branding your restaurant according to current demands  and/or trusting your own gut instinct  comes within the ways to run a successful restaurant as described in our article

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It also becomes imperative that to avoid failure and being overtaken by other competitors you constantly make improvements to your eatery failing to do so could result in closing down of your restaurant as described in our article on 8 Mistakes Restaurant Businesses make which end up failing them

So let’s begin with some tips on how you can re-brand your restaurant without losing recognition. Oh! and don’t forget while rebranding also checks that all your licenses and compliances are in order like FSSAI License. You can check out the whole checklist for starting up a restaurant. You might need a FSSAI License Renewal if you already have a license, Don’t forget to check your validity.

how to re-brand your restaurant without losing recognition

Even the World’s most Famous restaurants have re-branded themselves when it was time


  1. Research

    Rebranding requires a lot of efforts on your part. Before you dive into it and start repainting your walls, it is absolutely necessary for you to do appropriate research work lest you start losing your loyal customer base. This is an essential stepping stone in the journey to re-brand your restaurant without losing recognition.
    The research can be conducted in the following two steps

    1.1 Ask Customers

    Surveying is a great tool to gather insights from your intended target audience, see what they would like in their favorite restaurants. Online polls on Social Media sites like Twitter and Instagram or surveys created by external websites are a great tool to develop a blueprint of what customer needs you are going to target.

    1.2 Competitor Analysis

    Sometimes inspiration can strike you from looking at competitors and what you could do better, and how you could provide better value to customers. Never ignore competitors who are doing well.. the recipe for success lies in their branding and value addition. Keep analyzing what competitors are doing and strive to go one step further. It will help you align your brand with customers much better.

  2. Vision, Mission and Everything in Between

    The research part of the rebranding gives you a broad guideline on how to proceed, combine your research work from customers and competitors and start to draw out what your vision for the restaurant will look like. It becomes one the cornerstones to re-brand your restaurant without losing recognition.
    Here are some important questions to ask yourself when you are drawing out the vision of the restaurant.

    • What personality will the restaurant wear?
    • What is the demographic of the Target Audience/ Potential Customers? What matters to them most?
    • How will the restaurant fit into the lifestyle of the customers?
    • What are the tweaks to current brand identity to align it with the values you’re trying to produce?

    Visualize the vision for the restaurant, write it down based on discoveries you have made till now, document how you’re going to represent it through your brand. It’s something the restaurant industry calls a ‘summary document’. This document will put in front of your eyes what it is you’re trying to achieve i.e. objectives of the rebranding project.

  3. Get the Staff Involved

    At the end of the day, your restaurant staff is the one who is involved in the nitty-gritty of customer service. They understand what customers want at a grass root level. These insights could be very helpful to work on that summary document you devoted your time to make. Staff can suggest what changes can be made to better suit the customers. There are two aspects the staff can help you with. Staff members your restaurant can thus, be a great asset to re-brand your restaurant without losing recognition.


    Staff will help point out things in your objectives or plan of action that doesn’t ring true for the customers since, they are better equipped to suggest what customer nuances are and their preferences, things they like about the restaurant and things they aren’t that fond of.

    Involve and Encourage Buying into the Rebranding

    As soon as you’re ready, hold a restaurant-wide meeting involving the staff with the initial building blocks stage of your restaurant re-branding. With this, the staff will help you better re-brand your restaurant as it gives them a sense of belonging to the restaurant’s upgrade process

  4. Build a Gameplan

    To further drill down on a plan of action, list out all the actionable steps in a large whiteboard/ spreadsheet. These actionable steps will stem from the research, vision building and staff inputs performed until now. Divide it up as follows to achieve the best re-brand without losing recognition.


    Tasks could be anything from making mobile-friendly websites to changing and updating your logo, integrating a food delivery platform, creating social media posts informing about the new identity of the restaurant,  putting out flyers, printed announcements etc.


    Assign and designate the tasks to specialized teams or individuals who will perform these tasks with the utmost precision, tailored to the needs of the re-branding.


    Enforce deadline layout the projected plan completion day of the entire re-branding and maybe even start working backward, try not to budge too often on the deadlines.

  5. Authenticity is Key

    It’s the year 2018, Authenticity and being truthful and honest with kindness are the pillars of doing business in the modern world. The re-brand of the restaurant should highlight the truth about your restaurant, its origin, its story, how it will slide into the lifestyles of the customers without troubling them and will add value to their lives. Authenticity is one major factor which will determine whether you will be able to re-brand your restaurant without losing recognition or not.

  6. Effective and Impactful Conversation

    • Conversations make stories great and make no mistake, your restaurant rebranding is a story. Putting in place a great conversation strategy will help you to generate an interest and a buzz for your restaurants rebranding and get people talking about your restaurant which is awesome for your business.
    • Be as transparent as you can be why you’re doing a re-brand, what the new brand will mean for the customers.
    • Don’t be afraid to promote every once in a while, not all customers are alert at all times for your announcement.
    • Portray the rebrand as a joyous occasion declare contests, giveaways, special discounts and incentivize the first day of your re-brand. It will set the tone well for your restaurant and will also associate your restaurant with a festive spirit where people can unwind and enjoy. That’s one of the biggest things for restaurants, to be considered “a cool hangout spot”

Thus, your re-brand can be a hit or a miss based on how you decide to unveil it in front of the world. Your idea for a rebrand might be great, but that great idea has to be backed by even greater execution. With these comprehensive steps, we hope we have put on you on the right track to re-brand your restaurant without losing recognition at all.
and Lastly, Feel free to call us at +91-8750008585 if you want to get your FSSAI license renewed. After all, if your restaurant doesn’t have the proper licenses, it might be shut down before you even changed your banner.