The year is 2018, gone is the time where projecting a “waiting time” in a restaurant was a clever little PR play to make customers believe that your restaurant is extremely good. It’s the age of the millennials and Gen Yers and these people have zero to no patience when it comes to waiting for food. Trust me! I’m one of them. The era begs of convenience as the top factor influencing decisions rather than “extremely good quality”.  This is mainly because almost everyone is delivering good quality food and many restaurants offer them at much cheaper rates and with even lesser waiting times. So go ahead and do your PR plays but the bottom line is people don’t want to wait anymore. So how do you reduce restaurant wait times? How do you ensure that you strive towards constantly increasing your table turnover rate and keep customers happy? Let’s discuss a few tips and tricks that might help.

High wait times at a restaurant are a complete turnoff for customers. Once, I had an incident where, When I reached the restaurant the front desk staff was trained well to make customers believe that there was a high wait time at the restaurants. (Read more about  tips for training your waiting staff) .I immediately turned to my parents and said: “Let’s go somewhere else”. Within a flash, the staff said: “Sir, wait two minutes we’ll see what we can do”. Within the next two minutes, we are seated at a table. So, this type of trickery really irks customers and it’s considered a safe practice to avoid doing that since customers feel cheated.

Mobile Orders

reduce restaurant wait times with mobile order takers

Mobile Order Taking helps you drastically reduce wait times at restaurants

 In the fast few years, POS (Point of Sale) Systems have evolved and +91-8750008585.can be made mobile before they were only restricted to the cash registers or check out counters. With mobile POS systems, you can deploy order takers to help secure the customer for your restaurant by processing their order. Processing customer’s orders will also help you relay the order to the kitchen quicker and help your chefs get a headstart on preparing guests’ food. This will also ensure that once they are seated your customers will not have to keep waiting at the tables for the food. All processes become streamlined and faster and this helps you generate revenue faster.

Deploy trust with the customers by caring for their needs and with regards to their time. In addition, customers will feel very secure with your services and not leave your premises if you promptly display your FSSAI license. If your validity is running out don’t forget to renew FSSAI license as soon as possible.

Self Service Kiosks

Pizza Hut has gone high-tech since 2014 to introduce touch-screen based self-ordering kiosks at the tables to speed up the processes and increase backroom efficiency, with payment gateways integrated all at your table.

Well most airports have a self-service kiosk nowadays and they made traveling and customer conveyance fairly simple, streamlined and time-saving. Similarly, according to reports, there has been a drastic 9% yearly increase in restaurant businesses deploying self-service kiosks. This initiative has been done with the obvious objectives of driving higher revenues and also to reduce restaurant wait times. Inducting a self-service kiosk in your restaurant gives customers a chance to define their own customer journey. Many times, people have already in mind what they are

In addition to letting customers pick and choose their custom-tailored experiences, the implementation of self-service kiosks will help your staff streamline the procedures of the restaurant. It will increase backroom efficiency. Your staff will function smoother, and not invest the time in processing and taking orders from each and every customer and slowing down every process. Self-service has slowly but surely become a favorable model of efficient customer service and customer journey as it empowers customers with the freedom to explore on their own. Many diners, restaurants are now gradually leaning towards the self-service model from the traditional customer service model.

Table Management Tools

Table Management Tools help you reduce restaurant wait times

Well, if you’re ready to take a leap of faith and try deploying some of the ‘tips and tricks’ mentioned above it might empower your restaurant with greater revenue as you reduce restaurant wait times and help serve customers and keep them happy. Table Management Tools

Turning Tables (Seating new parties at your tables)  at a faster rate is the main influencing factor that will help you to reduce restaurant wait times.  In order to keep track of a steady table turnover rate, you need to be able to peek at the restaurant at a whole and determine the progress of the delivery of the order of all tables. This can be efficiently performed with a visual table layout on your POS system. Doing this will help you assign orders to table quicker and make the meal delivery process swifter and more streamlined, as well as, less error-prone. Speeding up the operations speeds up the turnover time of the table. It’s just pure simple logic. You can also keep an eye out for the progress of a dining experience of the table whether they have ordered or are they just about to leave, helping you anticipate when a particular table will be freeing up.

In addition to this,  if you have a walk-in of a large party (i.e. 10 and more) you should do everything in your power to ensure an uninterrupted service to such large parties. Keep track of a number of seats occupied at each table to help accommodate larger parties and assign color-coded timers to tables to help identify where there is scope for freeing up.

Well, if you’re ready to take a leap of faith and try deploying some of the ‘tips and tricks’ mentioned above it might empower your restaurant with greater revenue as you reduce restaurant wait times and help serve customers and keep them happy.

If you’re just about to start out with your restaurant obtain your FSSAI License from us by calling +91-8750008585. Also, take a look at the comprehensive Checklist to start a restaurant business in India.