As a restaurant owner, you must be aware that there is a 60% failure rate of restaurant businesses in the industry. While this might stem from a majority of different reasons, one of the major reasons is inefficient management, poor inventory, ordering and menu card preparation. Unorganization literally eat a restaurant up alive! Many of the failed restaurant businesses failed to make a switch from conventional spreadsheet model of managing their business to restaurant management software. While I agree spreadsheets are organized and you’re absolutely sure of what you’re doing, it might be slowing things down in the kitchen and ultimately at your tables.

It’s fondly said in the restaurant business that to solve any problem in the restaurant industry, throw money at it! If you’re running out of supplies, buy more. Well, maybe this process of when to buy, how to update inventory if streamlined can help cut costs within leaving you with your checkbook intact. Automation in restaurant management is the new step. Let’s look at how this will help you grow your restaurant.

Oh! Don’t forget if you’re just starting out with your restaurant and are considering softwares, before that you need to make sure your compliances like FSSAI License are in order. Check out: Checklist for starting a food business in India

Spreadsheets used to be fun until you realize you would go around wasting your valuable time on something that has already been automated when you could be taking care of other pressing matters. In a nutshell, you want a software where you upload your invoices which takes in all your requirements, updates your recipe costing cards, update your next order and update inventory. Right? This process has been automated and the best restaurants around the world have incorporated a restaurant management software to better manage their favorite eatery business.

Let’s look at the 5 salient features Restaurant Management Software will help incorporate into your company.

  1. Recipe Costing Cards and Menu Engineering – It will be very convenient to just easily document the processes, procedures, and amounts of a product which will help you figure out the recipe costs. The recipe costs and fixed processes and procedures are used with the menu mix to figure out the ideal costing you’re food costs and what corresponding markup price you should put. This can also help you re-engineer your menu
  2. Budgeting- Restaurants should optimize the inventory very carefully as they deal in bulks. To optimize waste and reusable inventory budgeting according to requirements are all adjusted and taken care of in a software.
  3. Automatic Par Levels- Automatic Par Levels can tell you how many new cases of wine or packets of French Fries you need for your projected sales. This will not only help with the budget but will also ensure you never run out of ingredients or raw materials required. This also means anyone can place an order and not just one person who has been sitting in front of a spreadsheet for the entire day.
  4. Sheet-to-Shelf inventory You can now order shelves how you want the entire inventory to be counted. By the means of this method, your inventory for the entire week would be done in under 1 hour. Fantastic isn’t it? Also, the obvious advantage here is that improper volume amounts are rare. Accurate inventories will help indicate the cost of goods sold.
  5. Key item reports  These, coupled with waste sheets ensure you curtail and identify thefts. It will also prompt restaurant managers to stop, identify and fix the problem right away. Which is great for a restaurant environment

A conventional old-school system will consist of you keeping up with tons of spreadsheets filling in entries, then change every entry update everything when there is a price change or there is a new shipment incoming. It can be cumbersome right? Might even end up taking your entire day when you should be putting out more intense proverbial fires in and around the kitchen. Restaurant management Software platforms help us achieve that by automating all these procedures.

Convinced that you need a software to manage your restaurant? Go ahead and head on over to this amazing all in one solution Restaurant Management software Cashofy. Salient features of Cashofy include

  • Multi-Location Inventory Management
  • Cost of goods sold and projected profit reporting
  • Purchase orders and Vendors lists
  • Employees Accounts and Permissions
  • Advanced Customer Outreach Tools and Profiles
  • Full Compatibility with all square hardware

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