Delhi: The Food Capital of India

Delhi! One thing is for sure people in the capital city of the country sure do know and love their food. There are so many rich cultural and heritage-based food options all over the Delhi/NCR from Parsi food of Rustoms to the All American Diner and its rich American cuisine along with DLF Cyber City’s(Gurgram) and Saket Select Citywalk’s Bars and restaurants. Oh..and that’s just a mention of the highly upscale places to eat around in the capital. Small eateries like NFC(New Friends Colony) momos, Netaji Subash Place’s wide variety of street food, Food Trucks(Check out : Best Food Trucks in Delhi/NCR), Food festivals all around the city (Very Frequent), Golgappa Walas, Chole Kulcha walas and other uncountable amounts of food outlets have assured one thing and that is a rich palette for the inhabitants of the city. Just saying these names has made me hungry!
So, if you’re thinking of running a successful restaurant in Delhi, rest assured it will not be easy for you to sway customers away from the already rich and wide variety of options at their disposal.  In addition to this, the statutory regulations imposed by the government not only hamper the growth of restaurants but stifle it a little bit as well. However, even after all these hurdles/ challenges presented in front of these businesses, Today’s times are among the most suitable for establishing a restaurant business.

Delhi’s Restaurants: Positive Cash Flow Machines

running a successful restaurant in Delhi can attract a huge amount of footfall

select City Walk Saket and DLF Cyber City attracting more footfall than expected

This is not just a random line I threw into the mix to make my case, you should inquire the restaurants at DLF Cyber City Gurugram who have been getting more footfall than they ever thought they would. With revenues skyrocketing for these businesses, some of them slightly disappointed that they entered into a revenue-sharing deal with DLF. In another one of the prime destinations, Saket Select Citywalk an average restaurant with a modest square footage of 770 sq meters can very well be earning in the range of  70 Lakh Rupees per month. This amounts to almost Rs. 90,000 per sqft. more than covering the market cost of that piece of property. So what does a restaurant have to do in order to earn like these restaurants? Well,  we broke down the process of running a successful restaurant in Delhi into 10 basic steps that should guide your actions.

 Wait! Do your Legal Homework

I know it’s tempting to see just the amount of dough restaurants are making (pun intended). However, for running a successful restaurant in Delhi there are a lot of legal and statutory rules and regulations an organization must comply to before even commencing business operations. One of the main regulations new restaurants have to follow is acquiring the FSSAI License.
In addition to this, there are other licenses and compliances to start a restaurant which we mention in the Checklist for starting a Food Business in India.

10 Ways for Running A successful restaurant in Delhi

  1. Realizing that running a restaurant isn’t a side hobby and needs careful consideration, attention, and nurturing. In the process, you might have to slog a little, Don’t be afraid to get your shirt stained!
  2. The people of Delhi (Delhiites) love food above all else so make sure you invest in a menu which can be molded to spark consumer interest as well which can be delivered with consistent quality.
  3. Keep an aim of optimizing as well as maximizing the revenue generated per square foot. This can be achieved by minimizing space requirements. In general, it has been noted that restaurants which have been proportioned modestly, tend to earn more.
  4. Your guests/ consumers will never be too interested in your decor. Of course, it is important for ambiance, however, investments in lavish decorations should be kept to a minimum. Instead, explore decoration options which are quirky, trendy yet pocket-friendly. It will also be helpful if the decor is such that it can be changed if there is a change in the theme of the restaurant.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment and implement new ideas you might have. Many of the best restaurants out there are based on a theme which is a little different from others. Trust your gut instinct, roll with new ideas  and don’t let other’s thoughts let you second guess yourself
  6. Make the most out of the asset. Restaurants with very restricted hours of operation not only lose out on customers but also suffer a reputation loss. Why are you closed when other restaurants are all operating 16 hours a day to squeeze every last drop from the asset.
  7. Expand online home food delivery and takeout/ driveway options. Strive hard enough so that the revenue from them at the very least covers up to 20% of total revenue share. On days of less footfall like holidays, deliver food at an accelerated pace. Have flexibility within the rigid system.
  8. Delhiites absolutely adore a unique and unfamiliar taste on their pallets. If you have something to offer that stands out from most food dishes, don’t be afraid to make it the face of your restaurant.
  9. Don’t claim “authenticity ” unless its true. Delhiites are quite sharp and come with various experiences of authentic dishes from most cultures that serve food in the city. It’s better to be upfront about your dishes than falsely claim them to be something that they’re not. It will come back to haunt your business in unforeseeable ways.
  10. Create an Online Community, because nobody just goes to any place. They read reviews, check the restaurant out on Social media like Facebook, Instagram as well as Zomato. Make sure you build a community with interaction on both ends. Not only does it put a friendly foot forward for the restaurant it helps establish organic, word-of-mouth marketing for your restaurant which, is never bad.

So, we hope before you continue with starting a successful restaurant in Delhi, you will keep these things in mind and execute to the best of your efforts to get the best out of your Food Business.

Don’t forget before you get started with any commercial/ business activities related to food or food products in Delhi, it is necessary to procure your FSSAI license. Get your license quickly and in a hassle-free manner from FssaiFoodLicense.
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