Any food business in India must have an FSSAI licence, often known as a food licence. The food license’s validity period ranges from one to five years, and you must renew it before it expires to avoid paying a fine. Before the FSSAI’s expiration date, 120 days, the process for renewing food licences can be completed. Unless otherwise specified, a registration or licence issued under these regulations is valid from the date of issuance for a period of one to five years chosen by the food business operator, provided the fee for the time is paid and all licence requirements are met. In order for you to continue operating your food business, we are providing you with guidance on how to renew your FSSAI licence in this blog of fssaifoodlicense.

 What is FSSAI?

FSSAI standards and regulations are more important now because everyone is so busy living their lives and is unaware of how quickly their health is degrading. We frequently now have our occasional meals at restaurants, especially those who reside outside of their hometown. As a result, it is crucial to have a regulating organisation like the FSSAI that can monitor these establishments. The FSSAI’s efforts will undoubtedly reduce food tampering and food poisoning. By implementing strict standards, the FSSAI ensures food safety from the farm to your plate and compels restaurant owners to pay attention to food safety while also expanding their food chain company. As a result, you can use fssaifoodlicense to help you register for fssai and for food licence renewal.

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 Importance of FSSAI

No one can argue with good cuisine, but have you ever stopped to consider how safe these meals are before biting into one? Well, for a regular person like us, it is nearly impossible to go into depth about the preparation of foods and their safety precautions. The Indian government has established laws and regulations to control the food business and ensure that people have access to safe food. The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) guidelines are the name of these new regulations.

By regulating and overseeing food safety, the FSSAI works around the clock to safeguard and advance public health. Even the fssai registration has expanded beyond just setting standards for food processing to include packaging and labelling regulations that mandate that every food package must include information such as the name of the food, a list of its ingredients, nutritional facts, a statement regarding whether it is vegetarian or not, and more. This promotes transparency, which is crucial for customers who are concerned about their health.

 Three different categories of fssai licences

The Basic FSSAI licence, State FSSAI licence, and Central FSSAI License are the three categories of FSSAI Renewal licences. any renewal application submitted after the deadline stipulated in the regulation but before the deadline. When renewing the FSSAI License, a login ID and password are required.

 ·         Basic FSSAI License Renewal: Food license renewal Renewal Form A, also known as the basic FSSAI License Renewal, is applicable to all food company operators who meet the requirements for basic registration you require below 12 lakhs turnover. The cost of renewing your food registration might range from Rs 100 to Rs 500 depending on how many years you select.

·         Renewal of the State FSSAI License: The State FSSAI License Renewal, also known as “FSSAI License Renewal Form B,” is applicable to all food industry operators who meet the State licence requirements between 12 lakhs – 20 crore turnover. The cost of renewing a food licence is entirely dependent on two factors. Restaurant, manufacturer, or any other type of food business, and b) the duration of the licence renewal  you require between 1 year to 5 year.

·         Central FSSAI License Renewal: The Central FSSAI License Renewal process, also known as “FSSAI License Renewal Form C,” is necessary for all food company operators who meet the requirements for a Central licence you require above Rs 20 lakh in annual sales, importer/exporter status, or operations in numerous locations.

Fees for obtaining an FSSAI food licence and renewing it

 ·         Government fees for renewing all basic food licences can range from Rs 200 to Rs 500 depending on the type of food business and the time frame. The annual government fee for renewing an FSSAI Central License is 7,500 plus 18% GST.

·         If your licence is about to expire, you only need to pay the same price you did for fssai registration when renewing your FSSAI licence.

·         If your licence has already expired, you will need to pay a late charge when applying for an FSSAI licence renewal.

You may see the government fees for renewing your FSSAI in the table below: 

License type

1 year

2 year

3 year

4 year

5 year

every basic FSSAI registration






Except for manufacturers and processors, state licence






State licence for manufacturers with processing capacities of up to 1 MT






State licence for manufacturers with processing capacities of up to 2 MT






Every single central License FBO

7500+18% GST

15000+18% GST

22500+18% GST

30000+18% GST

37500+18% GST

What is the significance of renewing a food licence?

The FBO must confirm that his or her FSSAI licence is still valid before submitting a renewal request. He or she must keep an eye on the renewal process because any delays will incur harsh fines. If the proprietor of the food business misses the date for renewing, the FSSAI licence will be ruled null. In this instance, the FBO will not be permitted to carry on with its food business operations. It is therefore advised to keep up with the procedure for renewing food licences.

What Is the FSSAI Registration’s Validity?

The FSSAI’s validity is established for a brief period of time, which could be one to five years. The business owner can select the license’s duration based on their requirements. Regardless of the reason, any renewal should be finished as soon as feasible before the validity term expires. The food business operator must submit an application for an FSSAI licence 120 days before the expiration of the food registration or license’s validity. You shall pay a punishment of Rs 100 per day if the FSSAI licence is not renewed. The validity expiration date of the FSSAI licence is used to make the determination.

What Records Are Necessary for the Renewal of a Food License?

During the Food renewal process, applicants must enclose supporting paperwork with their application form. Form A – You must submit this form if the yearly revenue of your FBO is less than 12 lakhs. If the annual turnover of your FBO is between 12 lakhs and 2 crores, you must file Form B. For the purpose of completing the FSSAI renewal procedure, you must have all of the supporting papers indicated below on hand. Different documents are required depending on the type of food licence or registration. An FSSAI web login ID and password are also unavoidably required in order to renew the food licence.

For FSSAI renewal, no documentation is required. If the current application has to be amended, documents are required. Documents required to renew a food licence include the FSSAI licencing fee, a copy of the self-declaration, and any identity proof, such as a voter identification card, passport, driver’s licence, or Aadhar card.

What steps are involved in renewing a food licence?

With the help of fssaifoodlicense, renewing a food licence has never been easier. Simply enter your user name and password to log in and finish the brief application form. Free renewal consultations are provided by FSSAIFoodLicense, which also manages your application process with the least amount of red tape and complexity

Below is a list of the steps involved in the renewal process:

·         The FSSAI created a website named FLRS, which stands for Food Licensing and Registration System.

·         To get started, go to the FLRS website, log in with your username and password, and select the “Apply for Renewal of Registration or License” page.

·         A pop-up list will appear on your screen for you. Simply click “Proceed” after choosing the proper link, and you will see a message confirming that you are applying for a licence renewal. Click the “OK” button to continue.

·         You will now be required to upload all the required forms and supporting documentation for fssai registration.

·         If you carefully study the forms and papers before hitting the “Submit” button, you will receive an ARN (Artificial Reference Number).


The licence will expire if FBOs don’t renew their fssai registration before it does. In this case, the FBO needs to submit an application for a new licence in order to continue or resume operations. In order to avoid fines, it is therefore necessary to timely renew or apply for a new FSSAI licence.As soon as you submit a request to renew your FSSAI licence, you may begin your preparation.You don’t need to request permission from the government. After speaking with the FSSAI staff about the renewal process, the candidate will be required to undergo a physical examination. When they give you the all-clear, your activity can begin. The applicant will go through a physical examination after speaking with the FSSAI department to learn about the renewal process. As soon as they give you the all-clear, you can start your action. As a result, you can see our legal food expert from fssaifoodlicense if you have any questions about food licence renewal.