Most consumers preferred making purchases online than going to any market. Customers’ exposure to a wide range of products, simple payment options, and product delivery to their doorstep are factors in this. Online vendors are people who advertise their products and services online. By putting their products on their platforms, online retailer platforms like Amazon and Flipkart assist sellers all over the world. Some businesses that assist internet retailers in building their websites include Shopify and many other. Online sales allow sellers to reach a global audience, but doing so requires an FSSAI registration license, which has been covered in this blog.

Why is the FSSAI license so important for internet vendors?

The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI), which regulates and oversees food safety and quality in India, is the entity in responsibility of assuring food safety in that country. Whether a business is offline or online, it must go through the process of applying for a food license.

You must apply for food license if you want to launch an internet business and your items are related to the food sector. If a business partner does not submit an application for a food licensing certificate, Amazon and Flipkart and many other online retailers will not permit the listing of their products on their platforms.

FSSAI registration advantages

  • Improved consumer base: Consumers are significantly more aware of the food they consume in this age of digital transformation and rapid connectivity. They choose to consume natural, unadulterated food that has not been altered or compromised in any manner. The quality of the food that consumers eat is increasingly taken seriously. The concept of an FSSAI license is recognizable to today’s client. Therefore, they look for the FSSAI mark before making any food purchases. If you have registered with the organization, you are allowed to place an FSSAI logo on your products. If you applied for a food license, the customers would be guaranteed to buy your goods.
  • Statutory advantage: Many business owners would rather forego obtaining a food license so they can contact a Food license consultant due to the time-consuming, expensive, and tiring nature of the application process. Companies, however, are ultimately unable to avoid it because they need the license in order to function. To protect themselves from potential legal trouble, they should get an FSSAI Registration. The procedure is also not extremely expensive or challenging.
  • Long Term Profits: Each business unit strives to have a commanding market share that will result in long-term gains. Applying for a food license is one plan for launching this place. You will benefit from a better position in the market if you hold a food license while your competitor does not. To enhance your reputation as a respectable restaurant, you should prominently display your fssai registration license on your property.
  • Company perception: Getting a food license is one plan of action for launching this business. You should prominently display your license on your property for which you need to apply for food license in order to promote your restaurant as a respectable one.

How Do Online Sellers Obtain an FSSAI License?

The three types of FSSAI food license certificates are as follows, and the same is utilized if you already have a license and want to renew it. They are based on the amount of business capital you have to apply for.

3 Types of FSSAI license

Basic FSSAI Registration: You will be subject to a small business capital if your retailing business turnover is less than Rs. 12 lakhs. A fundamental food license is sufficient for small enterprises. For basic registration, you must fill out Form A.

Fssai Registration

State fssai Registration License: You can apply for a state food licence if you run an online business with retail sales of between Rs. 12 lakh and Rs. 20 crores.

Documents Required

Central Fssai Registration: You must apply for food license if the revenue from your internet business exceeds Rs. 20 crores. Our organization will also be able to help you with food license renewal if your mid-cap business generates more than Rs. 20 crores annually. At that point, you must upgrade from a State food license to a Central food license.

Documents Required foscos

How to apply for an online seller food license

  • Create a business plan and Calculate your annual turnover to see if you need to register with the FSSAI.
  • Select the license category that applies to your online business, then fill out the form with the appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Paying the registration fee for Foscos and Submit the application.
  • If there is any incorrect information in your application, you should be watchful. Your registration may be cancelled by FSSAI. If the form has to be updated in any way, it must be amended. Within 30 days, the revised application form must be returned.
  • The license may need to be approved by FSSAI within 15 to 45 days.
  • If you will find these procedures challenging, and they may cause a delay in the beginning of your career as an internet vendor. The industry leader in services for FSSAI license certificate registration is Fssaifoodlicense. Everything you need to do to obtain FSSAI registration will be handled by our professional. You can finish the FSSAI registration process online and receive your food license right at your door.


The FSSAI has a positive impact on public health as a result of its vital function in regulating food safety. Food safety is provided for everybody by the FSSAI and its various parts, including its operating structure, food safety rules, testing labs, etc. However, given their other obligations, business owners may find the entire process of applying for a Food license to be time-consuming.

We at Food License Consultant are able to assist you in obtaining the fssai registration as well as in registering your food business outlet. FSSAI registration can be obtained in three steps by using the services of fssaifoodlicense, a food license consultant. Consult with one of our experts and complete the simple online form at A food license consultant will complete your FSSAI form, address all of your concerns, and obtain government authority clearance. Additionally, if you already have a license and need to renew it in order to obtain a food license, they can help. Our legal professionals can take care of all other compliance-related difficulties, allowing you to open a restaurant with ease. They can help you renew your existing license if necessary and obtain food license renewal.