The Application for food license Renewal of Permit must be filed to continue the further business continuity and the validity of the permit. As per the guidelines from the FSSAI, the food operator needs to file an application for renewing license within 30 days from expiry of existing one. After the expired of the old licence, each food operation company needs to take all steps for its renewal from the department.    

Now, every food operating business in India including manufacturers, carriers, distributors, and retailers are required to get an active fssai registration before starting business. The FSSAI in India governs food operations in India and is responsible for the licensing and registration of Food Business Operators or FBOs in India. This article outlines the application process for renewing a food licence.

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Importance of FSSAI License renewal

  1. All traders, manufacturers, restaurants, importers and exporters of food, storage and transportation of food, and others involved in food trade should get an FSSAI registration number or licence number, which should be printed on the packets of food with FSSAIs logo.
  2. Renewal of food license from the FSSAI is done in an offline manner, for receipt of either Form A or Form B depending on annual turnover, by visiting the relevant Food Safety Officer-in-Charge or authorized officer.
  3. Upload required documents and pay for fssai food license renewal fee.

Food license renewal Process

  • Visit fssai website and click on food license Renewal.
  • Its fees are same as for new licenses and registrations.   
  • Using your FSSAI license number and password, log into the FoSCoS website for Foscos registration, then choose apply for licence or registration renewal from renewal menu on the left-hand side of the screen.   
  • After accessing the FoSCoS system, an applicant will need to go to the Renewals >> header, and navigate to apply for food license renewal of a new food license renewal license or registration.
  •  After this step, the applicant would be provided a list of licenses that are granted approval by FBO.
  • Enter Information in the next step, the applicant has to enter the information that would include license/registration number, validity date, and the Captcha Code and click submit.  
  • Form A or Form B will open in which the applicant has to upload documents, choose the year the license is required, select a payment method, and click Save and Next.
  • Then, the applicant is required to upload all necessary documents, as requested in the portal of Food Licensing Authority.  
  • After successfully filing an application, an application reference number is given to keep a record of the application status of renewing the Food License in Foscos registration Portal.
  • In case, if a holder of a food licence fails to submit an application for renewal, then the holder shall pay Rs.100 per day as penalty.
  • If a renewed application is not filed in time, the food license he holds expires and he has to apply for re-registration.  
  • If a FBO does not complete renewal within the required time, the application is charged fees.
  • When a renewal application is filed within 30 days after expiry of registration/license with the FSSAI, but before the date of expiry, then a fine of Rs.100 per head is payable by the FBO, apart from the renewal fees.  
  • The application for renewal of the FSSAI license should include audit reports, FSM plans, certificates, or self-declarations regarding food safety management systems, which should be submitted along with it.
  • In addition to the above, the FSSAI licence should also require other forms of documents, such as audit reports, plans, certificates, and other documents, stating compliance of requirements related to said systems is adherence to the statement made by authorised signatory that food establishments are operating according to Food Safety and Standards Act, sanitation, and hygienic practices.   
  • The inspections conducted by FSSAI authorities on your businesses food should ensure that quality of food is being checked on the FBOs.
  • Once Food Authority fully satisfied with successful inspection of the premises of the FBO, it may grant an FSSAI licence to FBO.
  • The food authorities are also authorized to organize an inspection of the premises of applicant, in order to verify whether the FBO has disclosed all necessary information, and that information submitted is true.   
  • Once the food inspection officers are satisfied about the Food Business Operators compliance with regulations, they shall forward an application for a renewed license from the FSSAI, along with a report from the inspection.   

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FSSAI registration or licences are valid from 1 to 5 years; therefore, food businesses have to apply for food license renewal 30 days before their existing licence expires. Generally, an FSSAI licence is granted for a certain duration, between 1 and 5 years, depending on the year chosen by the Directorate.

The food license renewal in India is not filed by an applicant in a specified period, beyond which, it is scrutinized to expire, and the application of new FSSAI license is required from FBOs.  

It is advised to renew your FSSAI registration/license in time so as to avoid penalties, or to apply for a fresh one. The fees to renew the FSSAI licence or registration are same as those for applying for a new licence or registration.

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