The Food Safety & Standards (FSS) Act, 2006 was introduced by the Government of India (GoI) with the goal of policing and regulating the food industry. The FSS Act, 2006 is a set of regulations that regulates the production, distribution, storage, and import of food products into the nation. However, it would be wise to confirm that the operator of the food business satisfies all applicable requirements and compliances. The food license is a requirement for FBOs (Food Business Operators).

The Food Business Operators must adhere to FSSAI compliances after receiving their FSSAI license and submit their FSSAI Annual Return. Food business operators are subject to penalties if they fail to submit their yearly returns within the required window of time. If you have any questions about filling out your annual return for your fssai license registration, you should get in touch with fssai food license.

Separate fssai license, Separate fssai annual return

No matter how many food licensing units or businesses the same food business operator carries, they all need to file separate returns for each Fssai Registration license issued under the FSSAI Regulations. A food business operator who holds several licenses must, therefore, submit separate returns for each FSSAI License. That the same food business operator holds these FSSAI licenses is irrelevant.

Different FSSAI Annual Return Types

  • FSSAI Form D1 (Annual Return): Every year, food businesses are required to file two different types of returns with the FSSAI. These are what they are: Every food manufacturer, importer, etc. must submit FSSAI Form D1 by April 30. Form D1 must be filed annually with the FSSAI Licensing Authority by all food packers, importers, manufacturers, labellers, re-packers, and re-labellers. The food safety commissioner’s website and physical submission methods are both available for Form D1. Regardless of the type of production they engage in or the types of food goods or items they sold in the last Financial Year, all Food Business Operators are required to file annual return on a regular basis.
  • FSSAI Form D2(Half-Yearly Return): The FSSAI Form D2 is a half-yearly return. Form D2 must be submitted by the food business operator who is in the business of importing or producing milk or milk products. The manufacturer of milk and milk products must submit FSSAI Form D2 (half-yearly return) by April 30. For further information, contact FSSAI Food License.

Advantages of FSSAI Annual Return Compliance

  • Sustain Reputation: Annual compliance by a registered establishment or individual would maintain and, in certain cases, improve the reputation of the business or entity in question. It will make it possible for the general public to have faith in a company that satisfies the requirements for yearly Compliance and submits an application for a food license.
  • Brand Value Will Rise: Any business that has an FSSAI license and complies with the other compliances will get more consumer trust. Along with these advantages, the value obtained by the entity would be higher in comparison to the market’s non-complaint entities.
  • Gets legal assistance: Another advantage of this type of annual compliance is that organizations that comply with the FSSAI criteria and reap the rewards of your food license return can receive greater legal support.

Date by which the annual FSSAI return must be filed

  • The FSSAI Registration Certificate is required by this date to guarantee that the food ingested is wholesome and safe for human consumption. The manufacturing units of importers have till April 30 to file their yearly fssai returns. For instance, the FSSAI yearly return is due on April 30, 2020, and you must submit your food license return by that date to avoid penalties.
  • The licensee must submit an annual return in “Form D-1” detailing each class of food products he handled in the previous fiscal year. If you need fssai registration, get in touch with fssai food license. The FSSAI has made the online submission of the Annual Return by Food Businesses essential.

Who is required to submit FSSAI Annual Returns?

Annual Return

Information Needed to File an FSSAI Annual Return

When completing the FSSAI Annual Return, the FBO must provide the following information:

  • For fssai registration license, the name of the imported or manufactured food product is also necessary.
  • Bottle size, any additional packaging or bulk packaging.
  • The amount in metric tonnes and the cost per kilogramme or unit of packaging of the food products.
  • The price of the food item and the kilogrammes of imports.
  • A detailed list of the ports or nations from where the food products are imported.
  • The cost of packing per unit or per kilogramme, insurance, and freight free on board are also necessary for the yearly return and the application for a food license.

What are the most important factors to keep in mind when preparing food products?

  • The fssai Registration license requirements set out by the Act must be followed by all food additives and processing aids.
  • Any poisons, contaminants, or other substances that can be harmful to human health are present in the food product.
  • Making sure the food item is properly labelled and identifiable.
  • In order to Apply for food license, the food authority must establish the Food Safety Control System.
  • The Commissioner, who is chosen by a state government, is responsible for ensuring that food safety and standards are effectively implemented.

Who is exempt from submitting an annual return to the FSSAI?

Fssai Registration

Penalty for FSSAI Annual Return Filing

Get your food license return in on time to avoid such penalties if a return is submitted after April 30 for whatever reason. A punishment of Rs. 100 will be applied for each extra day the delay lasts.

FSSAI Act regulations that are not listed here

  • The FSSAI regulates factory sanitary and hygiene standards and also maintains track on employee hygiene.
  • Independently maintain daily records of production, raw materials, use, and sales.
  • Fssai registration also needs a guarantee that the source and standards of the raw materials used are of the highest caliber.
  • Not to produce, store, or expose for sale any food-related items on any property that is adjacent to or a part of a restroom, urinal, sullage, channel, or area with a waste disposal facility.
  • Clean the machinery and other equipment every day.
  • Ensure testing of relevant synthetic and microbiological pollutants in food products at least once every six months.
  • Assures that the temperature is accurate throughout the entire retail network, from the point of acquisition or sourcing until it reaches the final consumer, in order to submit an application for a food license.

Guidelines for Annual Returns by Manufacturer and Exporter

  • Every year, by the end of April, all licensed Manufacturers and Importers must file their Annual Return in Form D1 for the operations they carried out.
  • It has been decided that Manufacturer-Exporters will be required to file Annual Returns starting in FY 2022–23 in place of the current practice of submitting quarterly returns in order to make conducting business easier.
  • The deadline to submit an annual return for the fiscal year 2022–2023 is April 30, 2023. Only food license returns filed via the FoSCos portal will be taken into consideration, and this is done with the Competent Authority’s consent.


Every restaurant, grocery store, food distributor, and eatery is required to file an FSSAI annual return, which is a time-consuming and difficult process. All of these FBOs that engage in manufacturing submit FSSAI Form D1, whilst those that distribute milk and milk-related goods submit FSSAI Form D2.

Food license consultant Fssai food license advises that you speak with an expert to fully comprehend the need. The fundamental details are a requirement on your end to begin the process, and they aid with fssai registration as well. Following receipt of payment and completion of the required information, the staff will start working on your document.

We have professionals on staff that have been trained to assist you with the yearly return and food license compliance processes. The FSSAI Annual Return procedure will be walked you through step-by-step by our experts, who will also make sure you file your return on time and without any problems. Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable and educated staff at Fssai food license with any questions you may have about FSSAI Annual return and associated services.