Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, the organization that regulates and runs the country’s food industry, is known by the initials FSSAI. Food safety and regulation are governed by a single statute in India, which created the FSSAI license registration in Chennai to give your company legal advantages. It makes sure that food products are quality tested and that adulteration and the selling of subpar goods are reduced. It establishes the laws and regulations for operating a food business in India and is in charge of fssai registration and licensing of food business operators (FBO) in that country. Hence, register for FSSAI online as soon as feasible in Chennai to take advantage of all of its perks.

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Fssai License and Registration in Chennai

An FSSAI license differs from an FSSAI registration in Chennai in that the FBO must acquire the necessary registration or license based on the size and nature of the business.

Every food package has a 14-digit register or license number printed on it. A 14-digit register number that indicates the state of assembly and provides information about the manufacturer’s authorization. The Fssai registration process attempts to give the FBO more accountability for maintaining the standard of food goods. The Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration in Food Industry) Regulations, 2011, govern the licensing and registration procedure and standards. So, obtain your fssai license in Chennai as soon as feasible.

Characteristics of FSSAI Registration

Some of the crucial features of FSSAI registration in Chennai are the ones listed below:

  • The cost of FSSAI licensing varies depending on the kind of business and how long the license is valid.
  • Rules are set up to illustrate how to employ an appropriate framework to address various standards if you have applied for FSSAI online registration. They also specify the standards and regulations for food goods.
  • Putting into practice the guidelines suggested by certification bodies for the accreditation of food safety management systems for food businesses.
  • It offers the central and state governments technical advice and assistance in developing legislation and regulations that have an immediate or long-term impact on food safety and nutrition.
  • The fssai acquire and assemble data on food consumption, biological risk incidence and prevalence, food components, contaminant residues, and food product ingredients, as well as data on newly developing issues and the development of a swift warning system, if you had applied for a food license.
  • For people exploring or engaging in the food business, it has created training programmes.
  • If you had applied for FSSAI online registration, it would also contribute in the establishment of international food, hygienic, and phytosanitary standards.
  • All residents’ comprehension of food safety and standards is also aided by Fssai.

Categories of food licenses in India

Depending on the type of food firm and its size, food business owners (FBOs) can apply for one of the three categories of food licenses issued by the FSSAI.

  • Large-scale manufacturers, importers, and other food businesses frequently qualify to apply for a food license through the FSSAI’s Central License programme. In this case, the license is granted based on the data that the head office has on file with the FSSAI. The business must have a turnover of at least 20 crores and be active in more than one state to be eligible for this license.
  • FSSAI offers this license to food companies with capital of more than Rs 12 lakhs, including retailers, repackers, merchants, importers, wholesalers, etc. The State Government only approves applications from one state for the food license. If you have applied for a food license in Chennai, this license is good for one to five years.
  • Smaller food businesses are given FSSAI certification if their annual sales are less than Rs. 12 lakhs. The Basic registration of fssai is done in Chennai by the state government using Form A, and the license’s validity period ranges from one to five years.

Who may submit an FSSAI license registration application?

An individual who makes or distributes food products can register for an FSSAI license in Chennai, as well as a retailer, hawker, tour operator, or owner of a temporary stand. Moreover, meat processing and slaughtering facilities need apply for an FSSAI license. Also, the FSSAI license is required for people who intend to routinely serve food in public or at religious or social activities. Those who manage a small-scale food sector with an annual application or turnover of less than Rs. 15 lakhs are also included. Thus, obtain your license from the top consultant for fssaifoodlicense registration.

License and Registration Requirements

Prior to submitting such an application, the following license and registration requirements must be met:

  • Owner of food business must have a photo ID.
  • Ration cards, voter identification cards, PAN cards, driving licenses, passports, Aadhar cards, senior citizen cards, and department-issued IDs are examples of documents used to prove identity.
  • To Apply for online registration of fssai in Chennai, a list of anticipated products is also necessary.
  • Form-B or Form-A that has been finished, signed, and the raw material source.
  • Articles of Association, Deed of Participation, Certificate of Incorporation, and Memorandum of Association.
  • Lease agreements and other forms of property documentation.
  • Plan for the Food Safety Management System to register with the FSSAI in Chennai.
  • Supporting documentation, if any, like a municipal or panchayat NOC or a health NOC.
  • Reports of water testing, import and export codes, and a list of tools make up the ninth form.
  • List of shareholders and directors to submit a food license.
  • Importer Exporter Code (IE Code), which was issued by the Director General of International Trade, is required.
  • Delegation of authority for a food licensing application.
  • Consignment must go through a number of checks before it may be cleared and sold domestically.
  • Documents must pass a review by an FSSAI authorized officer or NOC in order to submit an application for online registration.
  • NOC or Provisional NOC issuance using the FSSAI’s Food Import Clearance System (FICS).
  • The consignment’s customs clearance comes last.

Fssai Registration Procedure

  • Approval from Customs Department: The importer or CHA must submit an application for shipment clearance to the Department of Customs when the shipment arrives in India.
  • Submission of Application: After the examination order and Bill of Entry have been generated, an application must be made.
  • Examination of documents by FSSAI authorized officer: In order to obtain a fssai registration in Chennai, each and every document must be examined by an FSSAI authorized official. The importer should next submit the paperwork. The authorize officer raises a demand for the necessary money in accordance with the number of samples requested for authorization to apply for a food license in the event that things are still waiting and the required verification and inspection reveal that the paperwork are in order.
  • Visual inspection of the cargo: The authorized officer must notify the importer and/or CHA of the date and time of the visual inspection of the consignment, which must be properly recognized. Samples must be collected by the authorized officer, who must also label them before submitting the application for FSSAI online registration.
  • Laboratory analysis of samples collected: In accordance with the requirements and parameters set forth in the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 and its regulations, the laboratory shall evaluate the samples. If the product tested complies with the requirements set forth in the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 and its regulations for obtaining a food license.
  • Issuance of No objection certificate: NOC will be issued based on the laboratory report for its conformance or non-conformance standards and parameters specified under the FSS act 2006 and regulations. NOC or NCC (Non-Conformance Certificate) is generated for the fssai registration process in Chennai.
  • Customs clearance of the consignment: The shipment is finally cleared for commerce or usage in India when the No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the FICS of the FSSAI is duly presented by the authorized person to the Customs authorities with the Department of Customs.
  • Obtain your FSSAI certificate: If all of your paperwork and form submissions are accurate, the authority will issue you a certificate that you can download from the FSSAI website. With this certificate, you can launch your food business legally and raise consumer awareness.

Easiest way to get Fssai License

If you find the above procedure little bit tricky & time consuming, you can connect with fssaifoodlicense consultant & we will provide you certificate in just below 2 steps:

Step 1: We compile all necessary supporting materials, double-check them, and submit your application on your behalf.

Step 2: You obtain the fssai certificate, for your food business which has legal advantages, positive reputation, and increases consumer awareness for your businesses.

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After you gather the aforementioned documents and give them to the FSSAI Authority, they will thoroughly evaluate it. You won’t receive the FSSAI registration until the policy plan of the food safety management system has undergone a thorough inspection. We sincerely hope that you are aware of how to register for fssai registration online in order to obtain your food license certificate and prevent any penalties. If you ran into any difficulties, get in touch with our legal counsel to make the process of obtaining an FSSAI registration in Chennai simple and quick.