The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is responsible for monitoring and enforcing food safety laws in India. Additionally, the FSSAI makes sure that Food Business Operators (FBOs) have secure food handling and storage procedures in place on their premises.

These regulations were established in accordance with the 2006 Food Safety and Standards Act. The FSSAI makes sure that the FBOs receive a food license, which attests to the safety of the food products that consumers consume, in addition to ensuring that safe procedures are followed and maintaining food safety. Each Fssai Registration comes with a 14-digit license number that needs to be visible on the food item’s label as well as the FSSAI logo. This article will look at how to check your fssai registration license online. If you have any additional questions about registering your FSSAI certificate, you should speak with our team of food license consultants at fssaifoodlicense.

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How to get an FSSAI Certificate

The FSSAI authorities will follow the steps below before issuing the FSSAI certificate after the FBOs submit an application for the FSSAI Registration/License certificate:

  • Verification of the FSSAI application’s jurisdiction and receipt of office fees (if any).
  • For registration with Foscos, documents must be carefully examined.
  • If necessary, conducting a food premises inspection prior to issuing a license.
  • If you want to apply for food license, the FSSAI authorities will send a copy of the FSSAI License/Registration certificate embedded with the QR code to the applicant FBO’s email after they are satisfied with the application and supporting documents.

Value of an FSSAI certificate

The certificate for the food license must be displayed by the FBOs on the food premises. All packaged food products must include the fssai registration number. The FSSAI permits food producers to use its logo on their packaging. It guarantees that the food’s safety and quality are confirmed. Customers and investors benefit from the certificate because it proves the legitimacy of the business. If the FSSAI certificate is not obtained, the FBO may be held legally liable. If the FBO lacks the FSSAI certificate, the food safety officers will inspect the location and the products and will impose severe penalties. Therefore, if you can, register with the FSSAI or seek the assistance of food license consultants.

License number for FSSAI

The 14-digit license number, which must be displayed by all FBOs on the packaging of food products and in a conspicuous location at their business address or premises, is contained in the FSSAI certificate. Five sections make up the FSSAI license number’s 14 digits. The FSSAI authorities receive information about the FBO from each section of the registration license number, which also sets it apart from the others. The five sections of the FSSAI registration license number that you will receive if you apply for food license are as follows:

  • It contains the first digit in Section 1. It shows whether or not the food business has an FSSAI registration or license.
  • The second and third digits of the license number are contained in Section 2. The state code where the food business is registered and operating is shown.
  • The fourth and fifth digits of the license number are contained in Section 3. It shows the year that the food company obtained its FSSAI license.
  • It contains the license number’s sixth, seventh, and eighth digits in section 4. It shows how many masters are enrolling.
  • The last six digits of the license number are in Section 5. It displays the FBO’s particular license number.

Information on FSSAI Registration License Number guidelines

  • On the product’s packaging, there must be a 14-digit number for the license of an FBO that you apply for from the body in charge of FSSAI regulation. To ensure that the license number and logo are clearly visible, the FSSAI logo’s color and shade should be sufficiently different from those of the product.
  • It is necessary to present the name, address, and FSSAI code. Before importing a product into the nation, this should also be submitted to the authorities.
  • If you want to Apply for food license, the size of the alphabets, letters, and digits must comply with the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging/Labelling) Regulation, 2011.
  • The Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006’s business administrator must have a valid license in order to display the FSSAI logo and an FSSAI license number on food products.
  • The addresses of the various items’ marks should all bear the permit number. Along with the number, the company’s number that is delivering the item should also be displayed.

How to Download an FSSAI Certificate

They can download the FSSAI certificate once the FBO’s email has received the FSSAI License/Registration. The following are the steps to download the FSSAI certificate:

Step 1: Go to the FoSCos website and select the “Login-Businesses” link on the home page after completing the registration process.

Step 2: Complete the “Username,” “Password,” and “Captcha” fields, then press the “Sign-in” button.

Step 3: Your dashboard will appear on the screen. To check the FSSAI registration certificate, click the ‘Issued’ option.

Step 4: Select the “Issued-License” or “Issued-Registration Certificate” option depending on whether you applied for an FSSAI license or registration.

Step 5: The details of your FSSAI certificate will be shown on the screen. Click on your FSSAI certificate registration number under the “Reference no/Registration no” column of your certificate’s details.

Step 6: Your FSSAI certificate will open. Click the page’s download button or image, then select “Save.” You will be able to download your FSSAI Registration/License certificate.

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No matter where they are located, all restaurants are required by law to be registered with the FSSAI. It is significant to note that the FSSAI application process can be drawn out and involves numerous quality assurance steps. The fine for an unlicensed restaurant can be very high. Therefore, obtaining one is one of the first steps for anyone who needs to start a business related to food, and for this, you need to submit an application for a food licence. We hope that by supplying information on FSSAI Registration or License, this article has been helpful. FSSAI ensures that wholesome, safe food is available for consumption in India. FBOs may apply online for the required FSSAI certificate. Once it is released, they can download it by logging into FoSCoS.We sincerely hope you enjoy our blog and will follow Fssaifoodlicense for the most recent information, blogs, and articles about food or FSSAI. If you require any assistance with FSSAI, please get in touch with us as we are the best food license consultant in India.