In order to consolidate food-related activities in India, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was founded in 2008. According to the rules and circumstances of the FSSAI Act, it grants an FSSAI License. To uphold food safety standards, prevent adulteration, and the sale of inferior foods, food business operators are utilized to submit applications for food licenses. The FSSAI is in charge of overseeing the thorough quality inspection of all food products.

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Purpose of Fssai registration in Haryana

Any food business operator (FBO) who performs quality assurance on activities such food product manufacture, storage, transportation, and distribution must have an FSSAI license. The requirement for the food license is that it serves as proof that the specific food establishment satisfies the FSSAI’s standards for quality. All FBOs in Haryana are required to obtain FSSAI registration, and fssaifoodlicense has put together a qualified staff to assist with the fssai online registration and renewal processes.

Documents needed to register with the FSSAI

According to the company’s yearly revenue, the FSSAI registration in Haryana is separated into different categories. Documents may change according on the company’s requirements, business sort, and turnover for each basic, state, and central level. To find out more about the various FSSAI registration options and the paperwork needed for each, get in touch with our consultant for fssai registration.

How can I obtain an FSSAI license?

To determine their eligibility for a license and apply for FSSAI online registration, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has introduced a new online application process called FLRS (Food Licensing and Registration System).

FSSAI License Application Online

  1. The online FSSAI license application process is to visit the FSSAI’s official website.
  2. Establish if you qualify for state or central level fssai license registration.
  3. Your account will be activated following successful completion of the fssai registration form.
  4. Access the newly established account.
  5. Fill out the application form and keep a close eye on all supporting materials.
  6. Click “submit” after completing the form.
  7. Print off the document and make a backup copy for your files.
  8. A reference number will be provided to you, enabling you to monitor the status of your fssai registration application.
  9. The designated authorities will thereafter receive and examine the application. They will carry out the inspection after reviewing each application.
  10. The responsible authority will issue the fssai registration license if the accredited inspector is satisfied with the information and inspection. Nevertheless, it can take up to 60 days.

Benefits of FSSAI license in Haryana

FSSAI Registration in Haryana

An FSSAI license renewal

Within one year or five years of the license’s issuance, it must be renewed with the FSSAI. On the other hand, the license renewal decision may be made individually. The license must be renewed no later than 30 days before it expires. A delayed recertification fee of INR 100 per day is charged for each day the certificate is not used.

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In India, in order to operate a cafe, restaurant, dhaba, food truck, distribution centre, etc., one must apply an FSSAI license. To demonstrate its legitimacy and hygienic practices, all FBO must display the FSSAI accreditation on food products, food product packaging, and on-premises. The FSSAI logo or certificate attests to the product’s high caliber and safety for ingestion by humans. Obtaining a food license has a number of advantages that will initially help an FBO increase its business.

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