An organization called the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) oversees the food industry in India. It is a self-governing entity authorized by the Indian Government’s Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. It confirms that food products go through quality tests, which cuts down on food adulteration and the sale of inferior goods.

Every person working in the food industry who is engaged in the production, handling, delivery, or sale of food items must have an FSSAI Registration or License. While small-scale food businesses must apply for FSSAI registration, FBOs with medium- and large-scale food businesses must obtain an FSSAI license. Depending on the size of their business, they must obtain either a state license or a central license. So, if you’re unsure about whether you need to register for an FSSAI license or registration, our Fssaifoodlicense blogs will help.

What is FSSAI?

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Indian government established the independent Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). It was created by the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 with the main objective of advancing food safety, integrity, and cleanliness in India. By maintaining the high quality of food, The FSSAI serves as the body in charge of ensuring the safety of consumer health. The FSSAI accomplishes this goal in a number of ways, including through FSSAI Registration and FSSAI Licensing.

What is FBO?

Any corporate entity that does food-related operations is considered an FBO under the Food Safety Act of 2006 (FSA). Simply put, an FBO is a business, whether for profit or nonprofit, that engages in one or more of the food-related activities listed below, including the manufacture, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, and import of food products, as well as food services, sales, and even the sale of food ingredients.

Why is fssai registration necessary?

Every person working in the food industry who is engaged in the production, handling, delivery, or sale of food items must have an FSSAI Registration or License. According to the size and nature of the business, FBO should obtain the mandatory registration or license to manage the quality of food products. FSSAI Registration and FSSAI License are two different things. The registration or licensing number is 14 digits long and is printed on every food package. The FSSAI registration is intended to increase the FBO’s legal obligations and accountability for maintaining the food products’ quality.

FSSAI Registration

The following conditions must be met in order for a petty FBO, a hawker, a petty retailer, an itinerant vendor, a temporary stall-holder, or small-scale industries related to the food sector to be eligible for an FSSAI registration certificate:

  • Annual revenue of less than Rs. 12 lakh.
  • Food products can be produced at a rate of up to 100 liters or kilogramme per day.
  • Handling, obtaining, and collecting up to 500 liters of milk per day if you require FSSAI registration for small vendor.

FSSAI License

The FBO must obtain an FSSAI license if it operates medium- and large-scale food enterprises. Depending on the size of their business, they must obtain either a state license or a central license. The state government must issue the medium-sized processors, producers, merchants, marketers, or transporters with an FSSAI state license. The FBO is regarded as a medium-sized FBO and is required to obtain a state license if its annual turnover is more than Rs. 12 lakh but not more than Rs. 20 crore. When their yearly turnover exceeds Rs. 20 crore, FBOs are required to obtain a central license.

The FSSAI central license must be obtained by large businesses that process, transport, manufacture, and engage in international trade of food items. The FBO is deemed a significant business and is required to obtain an FSSAI central license from the Central Government if its yearly turnover exceeds Rs. 20 crore.

Procedure for fssai registration or fssai license

How to Apply for FSSAI Registration

  • The Food and Safety Department must receive Form A (application) before you may begin the FSSAI application process online.
  • Within seven days of receiving an application, the Department may either recognize it or dismiss it; in the latter case, the applicant must be notified in writing of the dismissal.
  • The division will then provide a fssai certificate with the registration number and the candidate’s photo if the application is acknowledged.
  • FBO must clearly display the fssai certificate of registration when conducting business there during regular business hours.

Procedure for fssai Food License (State or Central)

  • Application Form No. B Submission. All pertinent documentation is attached, costs are covered, and a special application reference number is generated on this.
  • If the FSSAI is satisfied with the information supplied in the application and the supporting documentation, the FBO may start conducting business activities.
  • Or, more documentation or data that was omitted from the application may need to be sent.
  • A unique application ID is generated upon lodging. Currently, if no inspection is required, the FBO can begin work after 60 days.
  • But if an inspection is required, it will be carried out, and a report will be delivered. Currently, the license will be issued if all prerequisites are satisfied within 60 days.
  • If the inspection report isn’t addressed, which is extremely improbable, the FBO may start operations after 60 days.
  • Or the FBO receives an Improvement Notice. It will also specify how long the case must be updated, in addition. If the dispute isn’t settled in that period, the application will be kept pending.
  • And a new time will be set in addition to a fee that needs to be paid. If the issue is not resolved, the application will be declined.
  • It takes 90 days after this cancellation to record a future application.

Documents required for fssai registration vs fssai License

The materials that must be assembled by all FBOs for fssai apply online are listed below. Regardless of the type of certificate you are requesting. a Basic FSSAI registration, a state or central license.

  • Completed and marked Form A or Form B (Form A for Basic FSSAI Registration and Form B for State and Central FSSAI Registration) and two recent photos are required.
  • Identification proof of the proprietor, partner, or director of the business.
  • Evidence of Premises Possession (Property Papers – for claimed property). Service fees (for electricity or water) or a rent contract, if the property is leased.
  • Deed of Partnership and an organization’s Articles of Association (AOA) or Certificate of Incorporation.
  • The complete list of food items that will be measured in the unit and the planned FSMS (Food Safety Management System). As it were, applicable for an FSSAI State or Central Food License.
  • Letter of authority and analysis report (Chemical & Bacteriological).

Documents for State fssai Food License

  • The location’s format, the anticipated placement of the equipment, and the possession documentation for the space/premises.
  • Certificate of No-Objection (NOC) from the property owners. Additionally, their peculiarities.
  • A copy of the equipment’s license from the manufacturers, as well as a list and description of any existing or upcoming equipment.
  • Food products and the groups that they fall under are offered for consideration.

Documents for Central fssai Food License

  • You need the following in addition to the Common Documents mentioned above.
  • Proposed Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and, if applicable, the source for milk, meat, and its handling unit
  • If applicable, a NOC (No-Objection-Certificate) from the local authority.
  • If the activities involve mineral or carbonated water, then a government-accredited laboratory’s pesticide residual report and the Import and Export Code (IEC), as appropriate, are required.
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and, if applicable, Vehicle Turnover Proof.
  • FSSAI’s No-Objection-Certificate (NOC).

Understand the distinction between an FSSAI registration and an FSSAI license.

S.NOFactorsFSSAI LicenseFSSAI Registration
1.Duration A FSSAI license may be obtained for up 1 to 5 years.The registration applicability determines fssai registration.
2.Publication StateFor the purpose of obtaining an FSSAI license, exporters, importers, and merchants must publish their license number on their products.The fssai registration must be visible both within the office and on the product package.
3.Types of Application Form   Form B must be completed in order to apply for an FSSAI license.Fill out Form A to apply for FSSAI registration.
4.Types  Both the Central FSSAI and the State FSSAI License use it.For Basic Registration, it is utilized.
5.Turnover LimitBusinesses with annual sales of more than Rs. 12 lakh if you want Fssai license.Businesses that want FSSAI registration must have yearly earnings of up to Rs. 12 lakh.
6.Business SizeOperators and businesses in the medium- and large-sized food industry.With Petty food company operators, the business must be small in scale.
7.Registration/License FeesDepending on the requirements and type of license, it ranges from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 7,500 every year.The annual fee is set at Rs. 100.


A FSSAI registration helps increase the food industry in terms of legal and food quality safety as well as legal knowledge, goodwill, and product safety. The public availability of information has increased end users’ awareness of and education about the caliber of the food they consume. Consumers must be aware that the food they are consuming is of the highest quality as well as safe because there are now more diets and food options available for healthy eating. Therefore, having your items registered with the FSSAI agency will reward you with loyal customers. The best business startup consultant is fssaifoodlicense, which provides a variety of registration services, including fssai renewal, fssai registration or fssai license as well as fssai annual filing.

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