Stay Healthy by Eating Well! But how can you know what’s good for you and what’s bad for you? Even healthful foods like lentils, vegetables, fruits, milk, and milk products are tainted today, and the inexpensive, dangerous substances utilized in their processing. We must make sure that the food we eat is safe to eat and has undergone chemical verification. Users can now quickly register online for licenses and check their FSSAI Registration status as well as their eligibility information and other facts. We will provide you with some easy procedures to check the details of your FSSAI license number in this blog post from Now, just as FSSAI Registration is important, so is FSSAI Food License Renewal. In this essay, we’ll examine the various facets of the FSSAI License Number.

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Importance of Fssai Registration

  • For the nation to actually prosper, people need to eat wholesome, safe food and stay in good health.
  • The Food Safety and Standard Act of 2006 (FSSAI) registration was created to make sure that all businesses producing food adhere to specific criteria.
  • Following its introduction, the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India required companies making food items to obtain a license number.
  • Every company is required to obtain a 14-digit “permit number,” also known as a “fssai registration enrolment number,” and have it printed on every food item. This action is being made to improve accountability among food producers and ensure that the generated food has undergone quality tests.
  • A crucial point to keep in mind is that the FSSAI registration is all that is necessary for a food firm with an annual revenue of under 12 lakh rupees. In contrast, companies must obtain a state and central fssai food license if their annual turnover exceeds 12 lakh rupees.

What license number does FSSAI have?

Each and every record of the producer authorization issued by the FSSAI administration is contained in the 14-digit FSSAI Registration license number. The five sections of this number represent the producer’s fundamental data. The first digit of the number indicates whether or not the producer is registered with FSSAI; the next two digits are for the state code; the next two digits indicate the year the producer was registered. Additionally, the following three digits represent the enlisting specialist number, and the final two represent the maker’s permit or enrollment number when you enroll for an fssai registration license.

Regulations for FSSAI numbers

1. The producer’s FSSAI number must be prominently displayed on the food packaging label, along with the organization’s logo.

2. For fssai registration license, the logo and displayed number must also have a different color from the background if there are several units.

3. The addresses of the numerous units shall have the fssai registration license number written on the product label. Along with the lot number, the production company’s number must also be visible.

4. When importing goods, the importer must show the FSSAI logo, license number, name, and address on a sticker that must be applied before receiving customs clearance.

5. The Food Safety and Standard (Packaging and Labeling) Regulation, 2011, should be followed regarding the size of the letters and numbers in the fssai registration license number.

6. The FSSAI logo and number on the goods serve as proof that the food company operator has a current FSSAI Act, 2006 license.

7. According to the 2011 Food Safety and Standards (Business and Registration on Food Business) Regulations, a food business operator is only permitted to display this logo and number during the period of time that the license received during that period is still in effect.

How can I look up the number on my FSSAI license?

1. We’ll conclude by explaining how to check the FSSAI registration license number. When you examine the FSSAI license number, you are attempting to determine whether it is accurate or not.

2. Click on this link to visit FSSAI’s official website:

3. When you click the link, a page asking for your license or FSSAI registration number will appear. The FSSAI Registration License number, which will appear on the label of the food item, must be entered.

4. You will be directed to the following screen as soon as you enter your number.

5. The following screen will display your license number, the name of the manufacturer, the licensing status, the kind of business, a list of items, and the manufacturer’s facility address.

6. You can lastly see the information associated with your FSSAI registration number.

7. Now that FSSAI Registration is vital, so too is your FSSAI food license renewal.

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All restaurants are required by law to register with the FSSAI, regardless of where they are. It is important to remember that the FSSAI application procedure can be time-consuming and entail multiple quality assurance steps. An unauthorized eatery may be subject to a hefty penalties. As a result, getting one is one of the first steps for anyone who wishes to launch a food-related business; to do this, you must submit an application for a food license. This article should have been useful in providing information on FSSAI Registration or License. In India, the FSSAI makes ensuring that wholesome, secure food is available for consumption. The requisite FSSAI certificate is available for FBOs to apply for online. When it’s available, they can log into FoSCoS and download it.
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