If you work in the food industry, you need to be very knowledgeable about FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) food license requirements and food license renewal. For all food business owners in India, obtaining an FSSAI food registration is a need before opening a food business. The FSSAI Licensing & Registration System assumes full accountability for food product quality and takes the necessary action. A food operator will benefit from having a food license if they wish to operate their business successfully for the duration of the license’s validity. The fssai registration license’s duration of validity ranges from 1 to 5 years. Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to discuss the necessity for fssai food license renewal and its registration.

Significance of renewing your FSSAI food license

As important as FSSAI Registration is right now, so too is FSSAI food License Renewal. One cannot risk not submitting an application for FSSAI Renewal. Although the applicant is free to determine the length of the FSSAI License’s validity based on his or her demands and requirements, the same must be equivalent to the FSSAI License’s periodic, prompt renewal in order to avoid penalties. If the applicant has not applied for a food license renewal or has missed the deadline, the license will be deemed to have expired, and the business owner will not be permitted to continue operating a food operation. Therefore, it is a good idea to file for the Food License Process renewal early.

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Things to consider when renewing your FSSAI food license

What Is the FSSAI’s Validity?

The FSSAI registration‘s validity may be extended for a period of one to five years, and a fee for the license will also be charged. The business owner can decide the license’s validity based on their requirements for a fssai license. Food License Renewal must be completed prior to the validity term expiring, regardless of the reason for the delay.

How many days are available before the FSSAI license expires to renew it?

The owner of a food business must apply for an FSSAI license 30 days before the validity of their food registration or license expires, and they must renew their license before that expiration date.

What Will Happen If My FSSAI License Isn’t Renewed?

If you don’t renew your FSSAI registration license by the license’s validity expiration date, you will be fined Rs 100 every day. To prevent fines, the FSSAI License Renewal process should be completed on time.

What is the simple and fast online process for FSSAI Registration license?

  1. First, open any browser and go to
  2. Log in using your username and password, then select “Apply for Renewal for License/fssai Registration.”
  3. Following that, a list will show up on the screen. Pick the pertinent link, then select “Proceed.”
  4. Are you sure you want to apply for the food license renewal? A warning notice will flash on the screen. Select “OK” by clicking.
  5. If you clicked OK to dismiss the warning notice but did not finish the renewal process, your application will be deemed incomplete. The FSSAI food License Renewal Process Online must be completed by the applicant straight away.
  6. Upload each form and document in accordance with the portal’s specifications for fssai registration.
  7. Click “Submit” after submitting the form and reviewing the materials.
  8. The applicant will receive a Reference number to monitor the progress of the process.
  9. The applicant must check their email for updates on their application’s approval.
  10. If there needs to be any adjustment or alteration, be sure to get in touch with the designated officer, whose contact information is on the tracking ID receipt number.

Renewal Process for FSSAI License

  1. To avoid fines and problems with future business operations, it is advised to follow the proper FSSAI food license renewal procedure.
  2. When dealing with a central authority, FORM B must be taken into account, but the State FSSAI Licensing Authority bases its application process on the food business’s qualifying requirements. The forms that the applicant must complete are Form A and Form B.
  3. Within 60 days, the specific food business entity will receive the FSSAI renewal certificate.
  4. In addition to the licensing cost, a self-declaration copy, and other necessary documents, the food license renewal form needs to be attested. Aadhar cards, driving licenses, voter identification cards, and passports are acceptable forms of identification for the Fssai License paperwork.
  5. If the FSSAI Food License Renewal has not been completed by the FSSAI authority or the application has not been granted a license for any particular reason, the applicant may still launch their business right away. No additional communication notification is required of the applicant.
  6. Following communication with the application regarding the renewal of their food license, the relevant authorities will conduct an inspection of the applicant’s food establishment. To ensure that the provided documents are accurate and satisfy all requirements, verification is carried out. If the FSSAI Renewal Process runs well, the applicant will quickly obtain a favorable decision and be free to resume operations.
  7. In addition to paying a fine, the operator faces further difficulties if the FSSAI food license renewal is not completed on time. Additionally, no owner of a food business would be interested in dealing with such pandemonium.
  8. Above all, obtaining an FSSAI license is a guarantee that the company is operating in accordance with all laws and guidelines established by the FSSAI Licensing & Registration System.
  9. Additionally, one’s health and safety are guaranteed by fssai registration license. Therefore, it is essential to complete the FSSAI food license renewal as even a little ignorance or carelessness could cause serious problems for the business owner.

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Food business operators (FBO) still need to complete another submission, such as FSSAI renewal, even though FSSAI registration is required. As important as the initial application process is the FSSAI food license renewal procedure. We talked about how crucial and common inquiries concerning the FSSAI license renewal procedure were in this post.

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