Food business operators (FBOs) are required to complete Form A for a Basic FSSAI registration if their annual revenue is less than 12 LPA (Lakh per annum) such as small business owners, ice cream vendors, street vendors, and people who produce and sell their own food. After submitting an application for a food licence, the food business operator can begin operations.

Regardless of their annual turnover, manufacturers and marketers should have a state or central licence depending on the type of their FBOs.Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the requirements needed to launch a small-scale business with a simple Foscos registration and turn your food fantasy into reality.

What is FSSAI Registration?

The Ministry of Health & Welfare oversees India’s Food Safety and Standards Authority, which is in responsibility of making sure the country’s food supply is secure and safe. All food Business operators operating in India are required to register with the FSSAI in order to start operations and maintain compliance. Most people are aware that a licenced autonomous authority works to safeguard your health and safety.

All food business operators in India are required to register with the FSSAI, thus business owners need to be aware of the process for Apply for a Food Licence .

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Eligibity for basic FSSAI Registration

FBOSEligibilityRegistration/ Licensing
Petty retailers/& individualsUp to 12 lakh per annumBasic registration
Slaughter-houseLarge animal 2 Poetry birds 50 Small animals 10Basic registration

How do I obtain a food licence from Fssaifoodlicense?

1)We submit application Form A to the office of food and security.

2)We needed the following information to complete a simple FSSAI registration:

FBO’s name

Location of the FBO

Registration Years

Trading in food products

3)The following documents must be submitted with Form A of the Basic FSSAI Registration:

A passport-sized photo of the FBO

A pan card

An Aadhaar card

A trade licence

4)Signing of an affidavit-style declaration

5)Inspection of food-related premises by the Registering Authority (RA).

6)Additionally, a certificate will be generated by the department via Foscos registration within 30 days.

7)In the absence of that, the department issues certificates in 7 to 12 days.

General documentation is necessary to register for a food licence

1. Identification of the authorised person, such as an Aadhar card, a driver’s licence, or a PAN card

2. A passport-size photo 3. The name and address of the FBO company

4. A person’s Form IX nomination according to FSS regulations

5. Information about the directors, owners, and executive members 6. PAN and bank information

7. Information on the type of business seeking a food licence.

Proof of the premises’ ownership or rental agreement, 8. NOC from the municipality or panchayat, and 9.

10. NOC from the owner of the rental property i.e if it is rented.

What benefits may a consumer or FBO expect from applying for a food licence?

  • FSSAI registration assists the food provider in building consumer trust in the overall quality and safety of the food being served.
  • It eliminates a number of pointless requirements pertaining to food quality inspections.
  • The consumer can obtain all of the information on the owner of the food business by inputting the 14-digit number.
  • Customers and food businesses can conduct fair and legal business thanks to Foscos registration.
  • It makes it easier for customers to file complaints online, where they can enter their FSSAI number and describe their problems in the FSSAI portal itself.
  • It enables consumers to take quick action against any operator found responsible for providing tainted food.

Fee structure for different foscos registration or license

Registration TypeFSSAI Registration or license FeeGST on FSSAI license
Basic RegistrationINR. 100 
State License2000-5000 
Central LicenseINR 7500 per annum 18% GST18% GST

Renewal process for FSSAI registration

  • Updating your FSSAI registration is just as crucial as getting a new one. A Registration or licence issued in accordance with these Regulations will be valid and continue to exist from the date of award of enlistment or permit for a period of 1 to 5 years as chosen by the FBO, subject to settlement of any charges by the FSSAI department, unless otherwise specified.
  • FBOs that do not renew their registration will be deemed ineligible to start any businesses in accordance with the rules. Any request to renew a registration granted under these Regulations must be lodged in Form A at least 30 days before the registration certificate’s expiration date.
  • The Basic FSSAI Registration or License will remain active until the orders are made about the renewal application, which in no instance shall be later than 30 days from the day the FSSAI department’s enlistment or permit expires.
  • A late fee of Rs 100 per day for each day of delay must be paid in addition to any renewal application submitted after the time frame outlined above but before the termination date.
  • If a registration or licence renewal application is not submitted within the time frame outlined above, it will expire, and the food business operator must cease all operations on the property. The food business operator should submit a new registration or permission application as if they were starting their company over.
  • To avoid late renewal or cancellation of your registration and to help with the application process for a food licence, you can use our FSSAI licence advisor to find out the precise validity due date of your registration. The annual licencing fee and the renewal charge for FSSAI Food License registration are the same.

Fee for Basic FSSAI Registration Renewal

The renewal cost for Foscos registration is displayed in the following table:

Date of expiryLate FSSAI renewal penalty
From 30 days before the expiry dateRs. 100 per day
From 1st to 90th day3 times the annual renewal fee
From 91st to 180th day5 times the annual renewal fee
After 180 days from the day the contract expires, no renewal is permitted. 

What a Looks Like an FSSAI Certification Number?

Any food firm that receives an FSSAI Certification Number will receive one with 14 digits. To any FBO that submits an application to the FSSAI, the food authority issues a standard numerical system of licences.

There are 5 sections in the FSSAI Certification Number. Each section of the licence number contains details about the FBO that they might use to divide the FBOs into different categories

  • The first digit represents the first part. It shows whether the restaurant or other food establishment has a Foscos registration or an FSSAI licence. The first digit will be “1” if it is an FSSAI registration number. Additionally, the first digit would be “2” if the company has renewed its Foscos FSSAI.
  • The second portion contains the FSSAI Certification Number’s second and third digits. They stand in for the state code for FSSAI certification where the company is registered and conducting business. Any state licence is identified by the following digits, but a central licence is identified by the digit “00”.
  • The third section of the FSSAI Certification Number, which denotes the year the food business operator obtained their licence or registration, includes the fourth and fifth digits of the number.
  • Section 4 of the FSSAI number includes the 6th, 7th, and 8th digits. These stand in for the Registrar Officer whose purview the FSSAI licence or registration is subject to. From 001 through 999, a Registrar Officer is assigned to each of the states.

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Anyone who has the desire to start a restaurant must adhere to sanitary and hygienic standards and food safety regulations. And in order to do this, you must apply for a food licence. If the owner’s goal is corporate expansion and recognition, then every company must register. Be involved and vocal, and use the fssaifoodlicense to carry out your foodie work legally! After learning more about your company, our attorneys will propose the sort of FSSAI certification you should seek through FOSCOS Registration. We will also respond to any further questions that could arise and keep working until you have your registration certificate.